Features and Benefits

  • Microsoft SharePoint is more than just a Portal or a Business Solution. SharePoint is an extensible platform for integration, collaboration and communication that can meet the needs of small teams and large enterprises alike.
  • It is a collaboration platform to allow end users to quickly create workspaces and has the intuitive business user UIs that are the trademark of all Microsoft technologies.
  • SharePoint’s integrated tools empower business users to collectively achieve focused goals and subsequently to communicate those achievements and goals effectively to targeted audiences.

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Collaboration and Non-Structured Content


Microsoft SharePoint Server is a collaboration and content management application that simplifies how people store, find, and share information. It helps people to collaborate effectively by having secure access to documents and information that they require to make business decisions.

The SharePoint integration feature enables you to store and manage documents on SharePoint in the context of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM record, and use the SharePoint document management abilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, such as checking the document in and out, viewing version history, and changing document properties.

In Dynamics NAV you can drag and drop documents like AP invoices for direct association.

It has the capability to replace spreadsheets completely and enables mobile access for anyone on the road.

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