Microsoft Power BI – Best in Class

Microsoft Power BI – Best in Class

The Forrester Wave Report (FWP) for BI Platforms has come out and Microsoft Power BI is leading the pack. In the last year Microsoft has proved itself a market leader with its application Power BI. FWP evaluates BI Platforms based on 14 criteria including: augmented BI, platform extensibility, technical architecture, big data features, ability to prepare data, options for deployment, access to on-prem data and cloud security. These 14 criteria are put into 3 categories and evaluated: Current Offering, Strategy and Market Pressure.

Microsoft is leading the pack with a Current Offering overall value of 4.6, Strategy overall value of 4.5 and Market Presence value of 5 for a total of 14.1.

Microsoft Power BI – Best in Class 1

The Report states:

Because of it’s strong Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence the report states:

Microsoft Power BI – Best in Class 2


Microsoft’s Power BI is the leader of the pack and with its increased investment in the augmenting BI, integration on multiple platforms and Azure-based security it should be on everyone’s shortlist as a potential BI Provider. Learn more about this market leader at our seminar at Microsoft Head quarters on October 30, 2019.

Learn to create Power BI Dashboard (just in 3 hours) – October 30

Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) 2019

The Top 3 Great Ideas from Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) 2019

Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) is Microsoft Canada and VOX ISM’s first-ever conference specially hosted for accounting and finance departments across different industries. F-PAC takes a strategic look at how accounting and finance departments can automate their business processes through advanced software (RPA, AI, IPA, CMP, etc.) to streamline their operations, combat fraud, and better serve their customers.

FPAC 2019

Jim Heaton, President and CEO of VOX ISM, kicked off the conference and introduced all the speakers which include VOX ISM Financial and Business Solutions Team David Cameron, CPA, MBA, David Mo, and Mike Fontaine, as well exhibitors/presenters from Jet Global (Financial Reporting), Zetadocs, (Document Management), Sherweb (Cloud Technology), Tangentia (EDI and RPA), DiCentral (EDI Solutions), KeCommerce (E-Commerce), Prophix (Budgeting), Continia (Business Document Management), and Axiom (IT Security). Jim also started the conference by showing everyone in the room Microsoft’s best accounting apps connected to the Power Platform: CRM, ERP, Office and Power BI.

F-PAC 2019
F-PAC 2019
F-PAC 2019

F-PAC explores significant emerging technologies and, indeed, a one-stop experience to connect with peers, experts and pioneers to discuss best-fit technology solutions. Individuals working in the finance and accounting departments could take advantage of these three great ideas gained from F-PAC:

Optimize to Automize

Accounting & finance departments can optimize their current processes to prepare for automation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, a comprehensive Microsoft solution, built with 43 fully configurable modules available on the cloud and any device. It is role centric and fully integrates with all the Office business applications we all know and love.

Use Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Reporting

Late-nights? Spending too much time on crunching your numbers on Excel? F-PAC explored how Microsoft can help build and validate your financial reporting using Power BI, Microsoft’s business analytics service. With Power BI, you can go from data to insights in minutes – any data, any way, anywhere – all in one view. Power BI allows you to create interactive dashboards, unify self-service and enterprise analytics, accelerate big data prep, stream financial analytics in real-time, find answers fast with industry-leading AI, and turn insights into actions.

Always Think Security

As business technology improves, and so are hackers. Company breaches cannot only affect or disrupt your business but could also have significant damage not only on a financial or monetary level but also, on a relationship level to your client/vendor from disrupted services or supply chain. Trevor Reid, VOX ISM Senior Technology Consultant, talked about some best practices you can implement right now in your department or business to avoid breaches. Some of the points he brought up include: ensuring regular off-site backups, considering end-point security for on-line systems ( VOX ISM offers this package), making sure a backup and disaster recovery plan is in place, educating your staff on best practices and so much more.

Missed the event? No worries! We have you covered!

VOX ISM (Microsoft Triple Gold Partner) hosts tons of significant events throughout the year. Join us on our next big event at Microsoft HQ for Small-Medium Business this coming October 17th! Click here to register!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Small Businesses - October 17 - Anchor Event

Continia Expense Management

Combat the Tide of Documents with Ease - Continia

Automate every step of your daily invoice processing – from receiving and registering a document until you need to look it up again, for example, for auditing or reporting. Manage everything directly from Microsoft Dynamics – and the best part is that everything happens automatically.

Streamline and automate every step of daily document handling – from receiving and registering a document, to approval, posting and ultimately retrieving previously processed documents from the digital archive. Automated data capture PDF files are automatically received through predefined e-mail addresses and processed using award-winning OCR technology – with no user involvement at all. Paper documents are scanned using a desktop or network scanner and follow the same flow as PDF files.

All relevant information on documents is automatically transferred to the corresponding fields in Microsoft Dynamics, making it fast and efficient to register incoming documents. Invoice processing and management Continia Document Capture streamlines processing and managing purchase invoices with a wide range of new features such as automated vendor detection, document overview, inbound registration and much more. Using 3-way matching, invoices can be matched automatically to existing purchase orders or receipts, as well as approved and posted if amounts are within predefined thresholds.

Approving invoices can be done either directly in Microsoft Dynamics or online using a web browser – enabling everyone in the organization to access the approval workflow. Approvers can see the original invoice on the screen and either accept, reject, place it on hold, or forward it to another person for review or approval. Comments and attachments can easily be added too. With Continia Web Approval Portal, all employees with no direct access to Microsoft Dynamics gain the same opportunities to approve invoices and other documents. No matter where the employee is located, all that is required for accessing and approving documents is internet access.

The digital archive in Continia Document Capture contains all PDF files and scanned documents, which can easily be accessed from relevant places in Microsoft Dynamics. You can open the original PDF invoice from the posted invoice card or general ledger entry screen in Microsoft Dynamics. The digital archive is fully indexed, which means you can search for any text on documents, even if the information has not been transferred to a field in Microsoft Dynamics. This makes it possible to search for a specific reference number, serial number or any other information on purchase invoices and other documents.

Learn how to accelerate your finance processes with Continia. Join us on October 7 at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga for Microsoft’s first Accounting and Financial Conference in Toronto – FPAC 2019. Register Now!

FPAC 2019

RPA and AI

RPA and AI: Powering the Intelligent Enterprise

So, why is there so much interest in RPA/AI? Is it just hype or is it for real? Should you invest in it or should you wait?
To answer these questions, one has to visualize the bigger picture and how things are shaping at the macro level. Here are some of the trends:

  • Digital Transformation: Traditional businesses are faced with competition from the likes of Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Google, Microsoft and Facebook to name a few; inevitably being forced into changing their business models to adapt to this new digital reality.
  • The rise of the omnichannel: Consumers are increasingly preferring to do their shopping digitally and interact with merchants with minimum touchpoints in a seamless manner across all channels.
  • Availability of Actionable Data: Digital businesses are able to collect data and actionable insights about their customers in real time and adjust to the market demand accordingly. For example, Uber rates go up if there is a high demand in an area for its rides on account of some event. Similarly, Airbnb is able to hike its listing rates based on the demand in an area.
  • Scalability: It’s much easier to scale up if you are a digital business. It took much less time for Airbnb and Uber to overtake their traditional counterparts in terms of market size and market cap.
  • Flexibility: Digital business is more efficient, responsive to customer needs and able to cross-sell. The business case for automation of repetitive retail processes shouldn’t be hard to imagine. Automation and technology support myriad topics, including the use of online channels, curating offers, personalizing products, automating supply chain and payment processes, and adding experiences that cater to increasingly niche interests.

So, what’s not to like about it? Nothing really if you ask us!

In our opinion, the biggest value will come from engineering business processes. RPA/RCA will make the business processes faster, less error-prone, more intelligent and self-improving. This will also make the tasks of C-Suite executives easier to transform their organizations digitally and as a result, become more proactive to marketplace dynamics and more responsive to customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI), powered by data science and machine learning (ML) techniques, can go further than ever before, as multiple layers of decisions can be combined to have a machine make decisions or provide strong recommendations for actions. AI will play a vital role in all of this. Some of the areas where AI is already making inroads is in enterprise space are in:

  • Visual Understanding: Being able to understand a graphic and identify the elements
  • Document Understanding: Being able to understand document context e.g. extract information from legal contracts, invoices, etc.
  • Process Understanding: Being able to observe user behavior to learn and discover common tasks and processes. Identify processes for automation based on ROI.
  • Conversational Understanding: Being able to analyze sentiment, chat and voice input and able to route requests to the right team or department and integrate with chatbots and voice

One of the most powerful sets of knowledge-embedded (intelligent) technology components within AI is robotic process automation (RPA). Intelligent RPA can be thought of as “the orchestrator,” aka the organization or the meta-layer. Intelligent RPA brings together a set of tasks, consolidates them, and orchestrates multiple systems that replace the repetitive human intervention processes that involve aggregating data from multiple systems (or taking a piece of information from a written document and entering it as a standardized data input).

All this sounds great but as we all know the challenge lies in implementation. So, let’s consider what is involved and how we can go about implementing these technologies. The first step is choosing the right consulting partner. It is very hard to do everything on your own and doing it right is even harder. So, as a first step, it is imperative that you choose the right consulting partner.

What to look for in the consulting partner?

Consulting partners come in various shapes and sizes especially those that want to cash in on the flavor of the day. Here is what to consider when looking for the right consulting partner.

  • A strong commitment to client success over their own.
  • Strong brand presence and value recognition.
  • A rich history of past experience in implementing RPA solutions.
  • Knowledgeable resources with certifications in RPA solutions.
  • Strong domain expertise in specialized verticals e.g. BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, etc.
  • A strong partner ecosystem that brings the best of breed solution offering.
  • A delivery model that is global and based on Agile Methodology and best practices.
  • A metrics-based approach to ROI.
  • Excellent past client references.

Identifying and working with the right partner is perhaps the most important and crucial step to ensuring a successful RPA journey. Here are the other steps once a partner is on board.

Steps in an RPA implementation roadmap

Below are 4 broad steps to implement RPA in your organization

  • Identify a suitable RPA implementation scenario
  • Have a phased approach to RPA implementation
  • Build a Robotic Operating Team to carry out the execution process
  • Establish a Center of Excellence or CoE
  • Have dedicated individuals for process discovery, governance and change management within the CoE.

The Tangentia advantage

Tangentia understands RPA products and business very well and is now a Gold Partner of UiPath. In addition to Tangentia’s deep RPA talent pool, Tangentia has developed its own advanced RPA bots leveraging the UiPath platform. These bots once implemented significantly reduced the time needed to perform repetitive, mundane and tedious tasks within a financial services company. When people are able to do higher value work, more gets done and job satisfaction increases.

How can Tangentia’s partnership with UiPath help your business

UiPath has partnered with competent partners like Tangentia to take it’s RPA platform to organizations looking to implement automation in their business systems and processes. Tangentia offers the following services using UiPath:

  • Helping you with build Center of Excellence (COE).
  • Rent, lease or buy bots.
  • Software resell and professional services.
  • Bot maintenance, monitoring, support, and enhancement straight from our Bot Operations Center.
  • Training on how to leverage RPA for your industry.
  • Staffing solution to augment your RPA project teams.

For more information on how Tangentia can assist your business in its digital transformation journey, please visit our booth at Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) 2019.

FPAC 2019

3 Benefits of the k-eCommerce Integrated E-Commerce Solution

At k-eCommerce, we’ve been helping B2B companies sell and grow online for nearly 20 years, specializing in e-commerce platforms integrated to Microsoft Dynamics. We offer a turnkey, Cloud-based SaaS solution that lowers costs, opens new markets, and improves every dimension of your business.

ERP Integration

k-eCommerce is an ERP-integrated solution. It communicates directly with Microsoft Dynamics to share business data in real time. When a data point updates on one system, the same update happens automatically on the other. Managing one system makes it easier to report on and limits integration problems.

For instance, when a customer places an order, the information copies over to the ERP. When the order is invoiced in the ERP, the invoice copies over to the e-commerce platform. This way, orders get processed more quickly (and customers are happier).


Since ERP integration frees up so much time for your staff, they can focus on resolving major customer issues quickly. k-eCommerce takes this a step further, providing built-in customer self-service options that let your clients resolve many issues for themselves.

The classic example is ordering: customers can place orders anywhere, without any help from your team. Once the order is placed, customers can log into their accounts and check the order status themselves, update their contact info, or add new payment methods.

Scalable Growth

B2B e-commerce makes it possible for businesses to go from local to global very quickly. Selling internationally brings its own set of challenges like tax compliance and language support.

k-eCommerce is a cloud-based solution. As you get more traffic and your bandwidth needs increase, your cloud-based web platform literally just “scales up” with you to meet them. And k-eCommerce is a Software as a Service platform, which makes it easy to stay current with new versions as you grow your business.

Learn more about k-eCommerce Integrated E-Commerce Solution. Join us on October 7 at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga for Microsoft’s first Accounting and Financial Conference in Toronto – FPAC 2019. Register Now!

FPAC 2019

Zetadocs Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) 2019

Join Zetadocs at Financial Process Automation Conference 2019

For many businesses, paper is still crucial in many processes. The problem is that such systems are very difficult to maintain and control as well as being time consuming and expensive.

This is where, Zetadocs can help as its software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV to help improve your businesses processes and the way in which your business operates on a day to day basis by taking you away from your paper based system to an online system.

Zetadocs Financial Process Automation Conference (F-PAC) 2019

Zetadocs Expenses is a complete, on-the-go solution for travel and expenses management. Zetadocs Capture stores emails and scanned documents alongside Business Central transactions for instant access from within Business Central or directly from an electronic archive, while Zetadocs Delivery enables you to email batches of documents in PDF format from within Business Central, helping your finance team produce and send documents such as customer invoices and statements.

Financial processes that Zetadocs helps make more efficient include:

  • Expense management: On the go expense capture & seamless integration with your ERP solution means no rekeying travel expenses, saving you time
  • Electronic invoicing: Instantly deliver and archive electronic invoices, drastically reducing the cost and time of invoicing
  • Sales order processing: Reduce costs with email delivery and speed up query resolution by capturing your customers’ purchase orders
  • Supplier invoice processing: Automatically split & file scanned batches of supplier invoices to increase staff productivity & improve handling of payables
  • Collections management: Simplify collections management by presenting the right documents to the right people at the right time, encouraging earlier dialogue which allows faster dispute resolution & payment
  • Proof of delivery: Reliably scan and store batches of signed Proof of Delivery (POD) notes, allowing instant on-screen access that raises staff productivity and improves customer service

Learn more about Zetadocs Expenses at F-PAC 2019. Financial Process Automation Conference is Microsoft’s first Financial conference in Toronto. Click below for more details.

FPAC 2019

Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard - VOX ISM

Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard in 4 hours - Event Recap

VOX ISM, Microsoft’s only Triple Gold Partner, once again holds a full-house, sold-out training workshop on Microsoft’s latest and hottest technology – Microsoft Power BI, last September 19, 2019, at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga.

Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard
VOX ISM's Power BI Team- From left: Patricia Cowman, Mike Fontaine, Emma Arkadyev and Daniel Arkadyev.
VOX ISM Team - From Left: Neetu Jain, Jim Heaton, Ed Michitsch, Patricia Cowman, Mike Fontaine, Emma Arkadyev and Daniel Arkadyev, Ashish Tandon, Trevor Reid.
Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard - VOX ISM
Full House at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga

Power BI is part of the Microsoft Power Apps Platform and is a business analytics service that allows individual users to get insights from data in minutes. With Power BI, you can:

  • Connect to your data, wherever it is
  • Prep and model your data with ease
  • Provide advanced analytics with the familiarity of Excel
  • Create rich, interactive reports with visual analytics at your fingertips – customized for your business
  • Share reports with others on any device, anywhere.

The objective of the seminar is to introduce and train users to Power BI technology by learning how to create their first-ever Power BI Dashboard in as little as four hours.

At the workshop, VOX ISM Power BI and Analytics Team headed by Jim Heaton (President), Emma Arkadyev (Product Manager), Patricia Cowman (Report Writing and Business Intelligence), and Daniel Arkadyev (Customer Engagement and Business Intelligence Consultant). Also, trainer – Mike Fontaine (Manufacturing and Business Process Consultant) and Trevor Reid (Senior Technology Consultant and Cyber-security expert).

The training workshop was a great success not only for the VOX ISM Team but for the attendees as well. Aside from learning something new, attendees also had a chance to express their hidden Power BI skills by joining a contest after the training workshop. The VOX ISM Power BI team walked around the room and hand-selected the three best looking Power BI dashboards. Each winner received a free bottle of wine as a prize.

Best Power BI Dashboard Winners:

Number 1: Cindy Gong, Cosmetica Laboratories Inc

Number 2: Paul Gulesserian,  Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Care

Number 3: Ryan Vassos, Waleco Inc

There was also much good feedback from the attendees mostly saying how great Power BI technology is and how they will be using it.

Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard in 4 hours - VOX ISM
Cindy Gong from Cosmetica Laboratories Inc
Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard in 4 hours - VOX ISM
Paul Gulesserian from Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Care
Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard in 4 hours - VOX ISM
Ryan Vassos from Waleco Inc

Some More Pictures from the Event

VOX ISM would like to thank all who participated in the workshop. By all accounts, it was a successful event. A big thank you to our sponsor Microsoft.

Last but not least, thank you to our attendees for coming to our Microsoft Canada HQ Power BI event and making it a huge success.

Missed the event?

No worries! If you are interested in receiving a copy of the presentation, click here.

You can also join our next Power BI workshop on October 30 at Microsoft Canada HQ in Mississauga.

Learn to Create a Power BI Dashboard in 4 hours - Event Recap

You are the #1 Target - An Important Read on What You Need to Know about Cybercrime

An Important Read on What You Need to Know about Cybercrime

Jason Marilla, co-founder of Axiom Canada Inc. and expert in the field of Cyber-security, has recently published his new book: “You are the #1 Target”.

You are the #1 Target - An Important Read on What You Need to Know about Cybercrime

Jason and Axiom have worked with VOX ISM for decades and I am very excited to hear that he has taken his wealth of knowledge and experience and poured it into his new book. Axiom Canada is one of the few companies in Canada that can provide Dark Web searches and breach analyses and they have helped countless businesses protect themselves against Cyber-attacks. Jason has also personally assisted many unfortunate businesses in recovering from Cyber-attacks as well, whether it be by Ransomware, Viruses or other breaches.

I am very much looking forward to reading his book myself and gaining more insight into what, exactly, is “out there” and how the world of Cybercrime is changing. As his book title implies, it is no longer just “big businesses” that are a target … everyone is a target and we all need to be prepared and take appropriate precautions. What used to work is no longer enough.

As part of this awareness that Cybercrime is evolving beyond what most conventional precautions can address, VoxISM has released 3 Security and Protection packages to help you protect your company against the growing threat of Cyber-attacks.

For more information on these and what you can do to help protect your business today, check out our “Cyber Security Predictions: 2019 and Beyond” Blog:

Now go out, grab a copy of Jason’s book and a coffee and start reading. You can find it on Amazon now: Proceeds from this book will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (

Knowledge is your best defense!

Blog post by Trevor Reid, Senior Technology Consultant, VOX ISM

Trevor Reid_Vox ISM

With over 25 years of experience in the Software and IT Industries (and 20 years with VOX ISM), Trevor has been involved in hundreds of software implementations and upgrades. Currently, he is VOX ISM’s “go to” resource for anything technical having to do with SQL Server, SharePoint, Mobility/IFD, Remote Access, Database migrations and other areas of IT infrastructure and administration. Trevor works closely with our customers and their IT personnel and is always eager to share his wealth of knowledge.

The Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) annual dinner -recap

The Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) Annual Dinner - Recap

WindsorEssex Community Proves to be a Tour de Force Globally & Domestically – Successfully Garners Attention from the Liberal & Conservative Governments of Canada – Building the Framework for Canadian Manufacturing for Decades to Come!

Jonathan Azzopardi kicks off an anticipated significant financial investment announcement by Hon. Vic Fedeli at Caesars today. This is during the Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) Annual General Meeting. Photo Credits: Taylor Campbell Twitter: @WStarCampbell

The Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) annual dinner held on September 9th at the Caesars Windsor against the backdrop of the Detroit River. Many developments and changes were announced pertaining to the future of the automotive industry in the Windsor-Essex region. Approximately 200 members gathered to discuss various topics such as international partnerships and funding that will further secure jobs and industry for Windsor-Essex, a community heavily affected by the economic downturn of 2008 and the more recent NAFTA/USCMA negotiations. Joining the ranks of these proud Mold Makers was Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Vic Fedeli, who was in Windsor to announce the launch of Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP), a 10-million-dollar program aimed at making companies in areas like the Windsor –Essex county increasingly competitive on the global market. This initiative will invest in small and medium-sized automotive parts suppliers with Technology Adoption and/or Lean Manufacturing Training projectsO-AMP is designed to strengthen the Ontario auto industry, with funding being released over the next 3 years. The program will cover 50% of the project costs up to $100,000, with the remainder of the costs being the responsibility of the applicant. To be eligible, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have less than 500 employees
  2. Registered Business Number
  3. Meet annual revenues of less than a billion dollars
  4. Provide 2 years of financial statements
  5. Have at least half of its total revenue come from the auto supply industry

In addition to the O-AMP funding, the Innovation Supercluster Initiative has been established to stimulate promising economic clusters of advanced manufactures, technology, and various other industries. The Windsor-Essex area, with its 14,000 mold makers and over 250 companies, has been identified as one of these promising supercluster regions, with the program promising to invest $950 million into these various superclusters by 2022, with 100 million eligible for release by end of 2019. Eligible applicants are those who have been shortlisted by the Ministry and represented by a not-for-profit organization like CAMM. For more information on approved and shortlisted applicants and eligibility, please visit the Government of Canada’s website.

Admirably Windsor-Essex organizations like CAMM & APMA have been actively involved in the protection and securement of the Canadian Automotive Parts industry by being fiercely present at the USCMA/NAFTA negotiations, as well as looking globally to find solutions to combat industry challenges like a “no car future” as being proposed in Europe. Visits to Tesla in Bay City, Japan, Germany, and India have proven to be successful as WindsorEssex Development Corporation and CAMM successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Engineering Export Promotion Council of India and the Tool & Gauge Manufacturing Association of India. Shifting focus from trade and business with America to India, a country currently experiencing rapid economic growth, increasing middle class and consumerism. According to Jonathan Azzopardi, President of Laval International and Director of CAMM,

“India is growing 7 -10 percent a year compared to Canada that has a 3% growth rate”.

India is predicted to take 3rd place for vehicle sales by 2022, making it the 7th largest car manufacturer in the world. of 4th largest auto industry in the world with sales increasing 9.5 percent year over year. Currently, 60% of the molds in India are imported from Europe. The numbers are undeniable and the future not so bleak with leaders from Canadian Industries like the Automotive Community in Windsor-Essex taking charge.

A key message from Jonathan Azzopardi and other speakers at the CAMM dinner was that Canada’s Industries cannot stay silent when they must ask for help! That we must fiercely be proactive in order to protect our industries, our workers, and our communities by continuing to innovate, develop and evolve. Organizations like CAMM have been so active that the government is now approaching them to better understand how they are framing the future of Canada’s manufacturing industry and how the government can assist.

If you have a project in mind and require more information on the Supercluster Initiative or O-AMP, please feel free to reach out to VOX ISM at 705-279-5139.

Blog post by Ksenia Beljakova – Business Development Coordinator

Ksenia Beljakova_Vox ISM

Ksenia Beljakova graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications. Shortly after graduation – Ksenia began her career as a business owner, before moving onto Procurement & Logistics in the Distribution & Manufacturing sector.

Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP)

$10-million Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP) Launched in Windsor

Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP)
Photo: Provincial Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Victor Fedeli, visits the Ford's Essex Engine Plant in Windsor, September 9, 2019. (Photo courtesy of @VictorFedeli via Twitter)

News via

The Provincial Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade is in Windsor for a multi-million dollar announcement

Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Vic Fedeli, launched the new $10-million Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP) at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Moldmakers in Windsor on Monday.

The goal of the funding is to invest in technology and training with hopes of strengthening the auto industry and protecting jobs.

Fedeli says O-AMP is a key commitment of Driving Prosperity: The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector, Ontario’s 10-year vision for how industry, the research and education sector, and all three levels of government, can work together to strengthen the auto sector’s competitiveness.

“Our comprehensive, high-quality and innovative supply chain is essential to Ontario’s value proposition as a great place to build vehicles,” said Fedeli.

He says the launch of O-AMP further strengthens the close partnership with the industry to make Ontario open for business and open for jobs.

“Every day, CAMM’s member companies are striving to be at the leading edge of technology and innovation in the global moldmaking, service and supply sectors,” said Jonathon Azzopardi, chair of CAMM. “This support for technology investments and lean training boosts the long-term competitiveness Ontario’s automated manufacturing cluster.”

O-AMP funding will cover up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs up to $100,000 with recipient companies contributing the remainder through their own resources. Funding for O-AMP is $10 million over three years.

Flavio Volpe
Photo: Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Moldmakers in Windsor on September 9, 2019

“With increasingly complex vehicle technologies, razor thin margins and global competition, every competitive advantage is a win for our industry and its workers,” said Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association.

The new program invests with small and medium-sized automotive parts suppliers in projects that fall under one or both of the following categories: 

  • Technology adoption — includes advanced manufacturing hardware, software and/or training to improve processes and enhance competitiveness. For example, projects could include investments in production technology allowing firms to digitize their production tracking and logistical systems.
  • Lean manufacturing — includes projects that support training in lean manufacturing practices to minimize waste during the production process and optimize productivity.

To learn more about Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (O-AMP), join our experts on September 10 at Ciociaro Club at 1:30 PM for an exclusive seminar on Microsoft’s technology for Windsor businesses.

Microsoft for Manufacturing - Windsor Chapter - September 10 - VOX ISM