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If I’m a sales manager I want to drive sales by increasing activities and creating standard processes for my sales reps to follow. But how can I get them the software they need and get them to use it? Easy, get Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM ease-of-use comes with the software. All of your sales-boosting tools are available straight from Outlook, and from your ANY of your mobile devices. And we mean “any”. Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS, Microsoft CRM works on with all of the above. The new Dynamics 365 for Outlook App empowers both in-house sales reps and road warriors. It provides your reps with access to all of their customer data from the communication tool they’ve already been using for years. Show your users the true value of their software and how they can increase sales with CRM. But a great CRM is about more than just mobility, it’s also about collaboration, and integration.

It’s also fully integrated.

To increase sales with CRM you need more than just access to your data, you need insights and actionable items. Microsoft offers that by including their various productivity modules into a single, fully integrated system. Increase productivity with activity tracking and the AI powered Relationship Assistant. Increase efficiency with Business Process Flows that guide your reps through a repeatable process. Turn relationships into revenue with Social Selling, and track the value of your marketing initiatives with Campaigns. All this is part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. Did we mention it is fully integrated to work with your Office 365 products? Becase it is. Draft perfect quotes with MS Word, generate interactive reports with MS Excel, and store your notes in OneNote. Do it all in CRM.

Agenda: 7 ways to increase sales with CRM

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Connectivity
  4. Forecasting and reporting
  5. Social selling
  6. Relationship assistant
  7. Marketing

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