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Business Process Flows is a tool in Dynamics CRM that has been around for years. It provides organizations with the framework to guide sales reps throughout the sales process and help them close deals.

The typical sales process includes 4 stages; Qualify, Develop, Propose, and Close. Throughout each of those stages Users are presented with a checklist of information they need to gather, or actions they need to take in order to nurture the sale. In order to move on from stage to stage users must first complete the checklist laid out before them. By providing a repeatable guide, and combining it with automated processes sales reps are able to close deals faster than ever.

In this webinar Vox ISM’s CRM consultant Jacob Steinfeld will guide you through setting up a business process flow in Dynamics 365. With an all new designer and new features you will learn and how to use Microsoft’s tools to drive results and streamline processes.

If your sales reps are asking “well why should I attend?” tell them to imagine a system that can generate a Quote, email it to the customer, and schedule a follow up phone call all with the click of one button. Then tell them to stop imagining and see it for themselves.


  1. What is a business process flow?
  2. Creating a business process flow for your specific needs
  3. Different process for different opportunities? No problem we’ll show you that too
  4. Adding automation
  5. Improving your customer relationships.

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