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Excel and Power BI: Learn how to utilize the power of Microsoft and their familiar tools to make data driven decisions.

Let’s talk numbers! How many discoveries does it take to gain one insight? 100. And how many insights does it take to have a revolutionary idea? 100 as well. But then how much is the tool that allows you to explore large amounts of data efficiently, provides stunning visualizations, and can predicatively provide insights? $0 – it is included with Office

In the last 4 years Microsoft has revolutionized Excel and integrated it into business systems. Now experts and novice users alike can efficiently analyze large amounts of data without being a programmer or data scientist.

  • 2013 – the introduction of slicers and Power Pivot
  • 2014 – the introduction of Power Viewer
  • 2015 – the introduction of Power BI
  • 2016 – the introduction of Azure Machine Learning
  • 2017 – the introduction of Cortana Insights

Vox ISM wants to teach you how to utilize the power of Microsoft Power BI, Excel, and Cortana (Microsoft’s most powerful AI assistant). With the right tools your company can grow, succeed and get the insights to beat your competition.

During this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate:

  • Power BI
  • Excel Power viewer
  • Excel Analysis
  • Jet Reports
  • Flash Reports
  • Audit/Control Reports
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Statistical Analysis
  • And more…

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