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Marketing with Microsoft – Building Marketing Lists & Campaigns – Training for the New User

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2017 for Marketing has many amazing and easy-to-use features for marketing list and campaign management.  Learn how to create highly targeted marketing lists for your key customers, leads or prospects; Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the capability of setting up tailored account or contact marketing lists and campaigns for you to build your event or pipeline systematically.

In the last 3 years we have tripled our marketing leads, and tripled our sales by using the campaign management features in CRM as the starting point of our sales & marketing process.  Vox has twice been the Microsoft CRM World Wide Partner of the year.

The purpose of this webinar is to walk through the out-of-box marketing features available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM 2017) marketing module.  We will cover the following:

Marketing with Microsoft Agenda

  1. Campaigns
    • Learn how to create campaigns and plan for Events, promote Products and Direct Marketing
    • Prepare for a webinar, seminar or tradeshow
    • With Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamless integration with Excel, learn how to export campaign information easily and share it with others
    • Tracking campaign effectiveness and ROI
  2. Campaign Marketing Lists
    • Learn how to create marketing lists:
    • What is the difference between Dynamic / Static List Types
    • List of Target Member Types:  Account, Contacts, Leads
    • Create and manage a Members List
    • Learn how to associate and track marketing lists to Activities, so you can bulk distribute Activities such as phone calls all at one time.  This helps save time and streamlines who is responsible for what to ensure a successful campaign
    • Email the list to your team
  3. Quick Campaigns
    • Learn how to create quick campaigns for post events activities or for Direct Marketing
    • With the Wizard, create Phone Calls, Appointments, Emails or other tasks for you or your Sales and Marketing teams
  4. Activities
    • Learn how to find your activities to follow up on your marketing pipeline or campaigns

To learn more on your own in the meantime check out these helpful videos


Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM




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