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Have you ever met an owner who off the top of his head could relay the 4 key numbers that made his company tick.  The answer is probably all of them.

The frustrating part of being an owner and owning an ERP system is that ‘yes’ you do know what the 4 key numbers are, but you, or your people struggle to get the information out in a timely fashion, present it in a meaningful way, or worse don’t believe that the data is correct.

You’re not alone.

Come to our webinar and learn how you can leverage the technology of Microsoft and create colourful and meaningful dashboards, access them on mobile devices and even ask the computer questions.  We’ll also teach you how we implement these solutions so that using a simple daily scorecard you can stabilizing your leadership team by getting them to focus on the exceptions, clean up the processes, data and streamline the mechanics of data collection so that communicating success is as simple as a traffic light.


  • Editable Dashboards
  • Excel Analytics
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Executive Flash reports
  • Management by Exception Alerts
  • Audit/Controls
  • Screen simplification

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