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Challenge: How can the Canadian Manufacturing sector compete in the global marketplace?

Solution: Develop smart manufacturing techniques using 2018 Software Technology from Microsoft (Advanced Manufacturing) – Microsoft Dynamics 365.

A typical manufacturer in Ontario can improve upon his design and introduce new materials that are lighter, stronger and or cheaper.  They can purchase robots or high-efficiency machines to replace traditional machinery or workforce, but consequently, many manufacturers struggle or overlook knowledge-based improvements using modern ERP tools.

In this seminar at Delta Hotel, we will do a deep dive into the following four areas of process improvement;

Better Scheduling and shop floor control

The best way to maximise revenue and profitability is to implement electronic scheduling. The latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 scheduling app allows supervisors to drag and drop work orders from work centre to work centre. Call up electronic work instructions and drawings and review the utilisation and capacity of a phone or tablet.  Hence, this app integrates directly into the ERP’s graphical scheduling system which helps in managing the bigger picture, milestones, customer commitments and also purchasing.

Shop Floor Data Collection and Integration

Vox ISM offers many methods of shop floor data collection. It is the lifeblood of your manufacturing system. Also, our product offerings include ‘smart-devices’ that can communicate or control of machines on the shop floor, tablets that collect quality and product information or simple touchscreen reporting; and therefore we have a solution that fits your budget, industry and need.

Analysis of Cost

Many shops collect information from the shop floor, but few genuinely spend the time to analyse the results.  We will show you how the best-run shops examine data and also, how you can galvanise the improvement of a process or product using our manufacturing reporting suite.

Material Control

Reviewing the full supply chain, to increase inventory turns, better purchasing practices, also on time supplier and subcontractor deliveries.

Meet The Presenters:

 Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect with Mike FontaineJacob Steinfeld and Larry Denham on LinkedIn.

Hope to see you at the seminar room!

For questions, reach out to linda@voxism.com, or call 905-840-7477.

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