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If you want to improve your customer service, sales and managing your projects then you need the right tools. Invest in today’s technologies to be successful today and in the future. The top trends in ERP in 2018 include companies making capital investments into digital transformation initiatives. More organizations are ditching their legacy systems for improved cloud-based software. As well, companies are capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect multiple systems and go lean. The industry is referring to this as “digital transformation”, or the “technology renaissance”. Call it what you will, but the message is simple, companies worldwide are shifting to the latest technology to be successful.

Agenda for 2018 technology to be successful

  • 1:30: Top 5 Trends in ERP in 2018
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
    • Office 365 Integration
    • Mobility
    • Power BI and Cortana Intelligence
  • 2:00: Software Configured for Manufacturers and Distributors
    • 5 Levels of Scheduling
    • Time Tracking 7 Shop Data Collection
    • Configurator
    • Business Intelligence and Management Reporting
    • Industry Specific Apps
  • 3:00: Government Grants, Funding and Implementation Tools
    • COJG Funding
    • Customer Portals
    • ISO Implementation Tools and Techniques

This event will be hosted by Vox ISM at the Holiday Inn Barrie Hotel & Conference Centre. Full details are below, just after the registration form. Registration is free.

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