June29-The Next Generation CFOHow long does it take to finalize your month-end reports? Are they ready for review on the first of the month? Most likely, they aren’t finished until well into the first week of the following month. Do you need to consolidate reports from across different departments? Reconciling the information can take several days in some cases leaving you with already stale and outdated reports by the time they get reviewed. When your reports are outdated so are your decisions and this can cost your company money and opportunities for growth. This week we’ll take a look at what your month-end & year-end reporting process might look like if you had a comprehensive business management solution. We encourage you to bring your questions so you can receive feedback from our available experts at the end of the webinar.


  • Introduction to the software
  • Best Practices
  • Overview of month end/year end closing
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Management reporting and making journal entries easier
  • Building financial statements using Jet Reports
  • Q & A


Watch This: In 60 seconds,see how to quickly get started using Power BI by updating some data, creating a report, pinning visuals to a dashboard and sharing that dashboard with others.

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