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Shop ISM presents:
Visual Manufacturing – Shop Floor Control & Inventory Management, Material and Labour Tracking

A 45-minutes complimentary e-classroom training webinar on October 14.

The need for timely and accurate information is more important than ever.  Ensuring that all key roles in the organization have the information needed to be effective managers is a necessity. We understand this and have developed an Integrated  Solution Model to facilitate this. Learn how to manage your shop floor from role based dashboards and Key Performance  Indicators (KPIs), and drill into the details from Outlook, your mobile device, or your SharePoint web page.

This webinar is intended to help manufacturers understand how the structure of the engineering master effects shop floor control systems and how you can use the new tools available in the latest software to simplify or enhance your shop floor control.

We will discuss:

Engineering Master Structure

Overview of Engineering Master Creation

How to create engineering master
Review of Shop Resources
Visual 7 new features in Mfg window
Reporting costing
Discussion on advantages and disadvantages of using a legged BOM
Production Documentation

Document referencing
what’s new in 2014
best uses, best practices, how to
Discussion on Specifications and Notations
best uses, best practices, how to
User defined fields and customizable tabs (new)
Automation and Control

Understanding the new features and options in back flushing
At raw material level
At operation level
At receipt of finish goods
Across legs
Labour Ticket and Wedge Bar-coding settings

Auto-calculate production quantities
Block over-reporting
Block out of sequence reporting

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