Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Express - Financial reporting made easy - May 3 Webinar

Jet Express for Excel with Dynamics NAV is an extension included with Microsoft Dynamics that gives users a simple way to create basic reports and business queries inside Excel.

The add-in allows you to create professional looking reports fast and easy. Do away with the hours spend on copying and pasting to produce financial reports. No exporting, re-keying, or reformatting. Jet Express for Excel with Dynamics NAV empowers you to create or modify your own reports without any special programming skills.

Jet Express is an Excel add-in which must be installed on each client machine. The client machines must have Excel installed.  (Refer to SM-060 How to Install Jet Express)


  1. Viewing the Jet Reports Ribbon
  2. The power of Jet Reports in the GL Function
  3. Using the power of Excel
  4. Design Mode & Report Mode

Toronto Seminar - DO365 - Dynamics 365 and Office 365 Working Together - March 21

Join the Vox ISM team at the Delta Hotel in Scarborough, ON as we present the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

“DO365” as we like to call it, provides the most popular business productivity suite (CRM, Power BI) with the full suite of Office apps, from Outlook, Word, Excel and OneDrive, creating a seamless and immersive experience for your team. How has Microsoft achieved this? By integrating the productivity apps that users live in everyday with the sales and service capabilities in Dynamics CRM and by surfacing useful insights and guiding users with intelligent actions through machine learning. Oh and did we mention the new and improved rich mobile experience?

Microsoft’s integrated solution also includes the AppSource, a site where organizations can add new Apps to their existing product giving their customers the flexibility to grow at their own pace and expand into additional capabilities with ease.

We’ll discuss how to

  • Build a rich database while managing the sales process
  • Improve efficiency with immersive Apps
  • Utilize the integrated and familiar tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Module

CRM Dashboard - marketing
The efficiency and internal connectivity of Dynamics 365 is further exemplified within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Module in the way it allows users to seamlessly create and work with marketing Campaigns and Marketing Lists while updating the correlating activities with only a few clicks.

The streamlined approach of the marketing module allows users to access and input any and all desired information within the marketing module, simply and effectively. From the Marketing tab, users can view the most important data on dashboards (below), view and add campaigns, update and create associated marketing lists to a campaign, and add any related activities necessary to ensure a successful campaign. In doing so, the marketing module creates and approach to marketing in which promotes:

  1. An incredibly user friendly experience
  2. A 365 degree view of all campaign related record and activities
  3. Continual promotion of best business practices
  4. A cyclical approach to marketing

Having been an event manager for much of my working life, the need for proper planning is as important to executing a strong event/campaign as the actual day of management and set-up. Having had access to the capabilities of the Marketing Module within Dynamics 365 at a time when I was trying to plan and manage an event for thousands of people, I would not have only created a more standardized process for event planning, but most importantly, I would have maximized my efficiency.

In summary, the Marketing Module in Dynamics 365 and its ability to assist in the execution of a beneficial marketing campaign continues the philosophy of Microsoft in implementing best business practices, while remaining both user friendly and incredibly efficient.


Vox ISM's very own Shane Kinsella organizing an event in 2013

event marketing with shane

How Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Accounts Receivable is Easy

Hello – I am a professional Collection Analyst who uses MS Dynamics CRM to record, collect, and report on collection activity. Using the functions and report capability of MS Dynamics CRM allows me to stay on top of the accounts receivable and more important it makes me a more effective collector which in turn accelerates the company’s cash flow. I’d like to show you a few things I do every day and I hope this demonstrates the ease of use and usability of MS Dynamics CRM for a corporate collection analyst.

I start my day by determining what I have to collect. I do this by opening the Past Due Invoice screen as this is where I am able to view all past due invoices (see Exhibit 1). I find this tool very helpful as I am able to organize and update my collection activities for the week. It is clear at a glance what needs to be collected and which invoices are scheduled to be paid.

Exhibit 1

CRM Past Due Invoices

After determining what requires follow up I then need to contact customers. This is how I use MS Dynamics to contact customers.

The collections portion to the far right is invaluable (see Exhibit 2). As I make calls or send emails I add my notes in the Add a Phone call section. I am able to highlight the individual I spoke with, emailed or left a voice message for and include a detailed note. The notes I create help with future calls as I able to build on previous actions and when the customer replies I have an accurate picture of the situation and can proceed as warranted. These notes make it clear to Managers, Sales reps etc what actions have been taken to collect the invoice. Also, in this section are the AR follow-up and Promise to pay check boxes, when updated in this screen the data is also available on the previously mentioned Past Due Invoice screens keeping everything up to date.

The centre of the page provides the invoice detail gathered from NAV. I find that it is important to know what the customer is being charged for prior to making a collection attempt. This screen gives me the necessary data to speak knowledgeably and confidently to the accounts payable professional I am contacting. Having this information at the ready also enables me to quickly access pertinent information to answer questions or objections to charges.

Exhibit 2

CRM Invoice

The final area I wanted to talk about today is the Dashboard. This is the screen where I can see at a glance and in the form of charts and pictures the collection activity levels. We have created bar charts to report on past due invoices by Vox sales person, by customer, and time period. In addition, I can see my activity level in the form of statistical charts for email and phone call that I am making. Finally, we have built lists so that I can see at a glance customers who have promised to pay and what invoices are marked for collection so that I stay organized. Finally, I know that as business conditions change we have the option to replace the charts with new and more relevant charts & lists. Overall, MS Dynamics CRM makes my collection activity more effective and in turn improves the company’s cash flow.

- Melissa Cameron | Vox ISM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Outlook - 1 Screen, Unlimited Possibilities - Feb 22

Gain access to all your Sales, Service, and Marketing information straight from Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 for Outlook.

If you're like many people today you probably use Microsoft Outlook in the office on a regular basis, of course you do, it is a familiar tool for your everyday communications, scheduling, task and contact management. Well hold on to your seats because in 2017 things just got even better. Continue to use the familiar Outlook interface and integrate it with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to perform all your CRM related day-to-day activities too. Manage opportunities, nurture leads, send quotes, create email templates, quickly add sales literature, and more. Join Vox ISM consultant Shane Kinsella on Wednesday, February 22 to learn more.


  1. Integration, viewing information from Dynamics 365 within Outlook
  2. Creating a contact or lead from Outlook
  3. Tracking from Outlook to Dynamics 365, linking emails to records
  4. Adding appointments, phone calls and tasks
  5. Adding email templates, sales literature, and articles to an email

Advanced Manufacturing and the Injection Molding Industry

Advanced Manufacturing and the Injection Molding Industry


To draw an analogy to Marshall McLuhan (the medium is the message), the future of advanced manufacturing in the injection molding industry will be defined as much by the technology used to make a product as by the technology inherent in the product. The purpose of this article is to provide insight into what is available and possible with modern information systems. The future end goal is to provide a closed-loop system with the end result of improving the cycle-time and quality of the part.


Vox ISM doesn’t profess to be an expert in the long list of production technologies—CAD, CAE, CAM for design; high performance computing (HPC) for modeling, simulation and analysis; advanced robotics, additive manufacturing and other intelligent systems for production; but we do know how to connect and use information technologies to coordinate it all using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If you are a member of CAMM or APMA you might have heard of our company. Vox ISM is working in a collaborative effort with the mold makers and injection molding industry in Windsor to help redefine manufacturing excellence.

The Microsoft Dynamics platform is modern with easy to create, built in web-service tools that connect to a variety of software systems today.

For instance in this excellent article: How to predict problems in injection molding, SolidWorks has created simulation software that can predict air gaps, heat, and stress.

solidworks simulation

This is a great start to predicting how a tool might perform, but what if you were to connect sensors to the mold and then connect the sensors to the PLC using a MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

All of this is possible with low-end, mid-range and high end software packages that can connect to both your machines and your business system. Below is an example of what is possible using once of these systems.

Merlin Machine Connectivity


Shop Floor - editor viewer

Once we have collected real-time information, it can be monitored and controlled using the IOT Azure Hub, then automatically analyzed with Azure machine based learning. We are currently using machine based learning to predict machine download and therefore suggest preventative maintenance, but repetitive, real-time data-analysis not only provides instantaneous R&R Anova studies using our advanced quality system, but also a completing a feed-back loop to the manufacturer to improve his tool and increase the speed and quality.

Come join us on March 7th for a short webinar on how all of the technology can work together and how Vox is not just a software vendor but the keystone in something greater that is happening in manufacturing in southwestern Ontario.






Advanced Manufacturing March 9th at Microsoft Canada Headquarters

Advanced Manufacturing
How to grow your company with better data, processes and technology

Challenge: How can the Canadian Manufacturing sector compete in the global marketplace?

Solution: Develop smart manufacturing techniques (Advanced Manufacturing)

A typical manufacturer in Ontario can improve upon his design and introduce new materials that are lighter, stronger and or cheaper.  They can purchase robots or high efficiency machines to replace traditional machinery or manpower, but many manufacturers struggle or overlook knowledge based improvements using modern ERP tools.

In this seminar at Microsoft Canada we will do a deep dive into the following 3 areas of process improvement; utilizing the latest software technology from Microsoft and industry specific tools provided by VoxISM.  The topics include:

Maximizing Opportunities/Mitigating Risk

The best way to maximize revenue and profitability is to implement electronic scheduling.  The latest scheduling app allows supervisors to drag and drop work orders from work center to work center.  Call up electronic work instructions and drawings and review the utilization and capacity on a phone or table.  This app integrates directly into the ERP’s graphical scheduling system to better manage the bigger picture, milestones, customer commitments and purchasing.

Data Collection and Integration

Vox ISM offers many methods of shop floor data collection. It is the lifeblood of your manufacturing system. Our product offerings include ‘smart-devices’ that can communicate or control of machines on the shop floor, tablets that collect quality and product information or simple touch screen reporting, we have a solution that fits your budget, industry and need.

Analysis of Cost

Many shops collect information from the shop floor but few truly spend the time to analyze the results.  We will show you how the best run shops analyze information and galvanize the improvement of a process or product using our manufacturing reporting suite.

To learn more check out some of our other blogs.

What's New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV 2017 - Feb 9

Dynamics 365 is changing the game with its seamless integration between NAV, CRM, Power BI, and Office 365. What does this mean for NAV users? Well Microsoft Dynamics NAV's function is to provide small and midsize businesses the tools to grow. NAV offers greater control over financials, helps to simplify the supply chain, manufacturing, and operations. It’s quick to implement, easy to use and has the power to support your plans for future growth. With Dynamics 365 Microsoft's products now offer a slew of new features that will launch your business forward in 2017. Join us on February 9 as one of our Vox ISM NAV specialists shows you the tools Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV 2017 has to offer.


  • Bringing your worlds together - Office 365 and Embedded Power BI
  • Enhancements to the core application and platform
  • E-Everything
  • Cortana Intelligence
  • PowerApps & Microsoft Flow
  • Extensions


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 - New Financial Reporting Tools for Success - Feb 8

Join the Vox ISM as their own financial team walks you through how the tools in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 help them exceed expectations. The easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution helps small and medium-sized businesses automate and connect their sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management. Start with a strong foundation and build up from there.


  • Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics NAV – setting up the essentials
  • New Financial Reports in NAV 2017
  • How to Create your Own NAV Reports
  • How to create charts on your role center
  • Power BI - Teaser

Vox ISM officially launches Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV, CRM and ISM 2017

2017 official launch

The Vox ISM team gathered at the Granite Club in Toronto to officially launch Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV 2017, CRM 2017, and our ISM 2017 for our customers. Microsoft has spent billions of dollars improving their product and our customers have been reaping the benefits. With intelligent business applications across CRM and NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you choice, analytics tools, seamless integration, and a fluid work environment. The Vox ISM team spent months in preparation for this revolutionary shift to Dynamics 365 and as such has created industry specific solutions that will get your project up and running faster.