We all know the challenges that the modern workforce is facing – global markets, fast-paced decision making, smarter customers. We are in the throws of a Digital Evolution and Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made it possible for me to keep up. Now I would like to share with you how Microsoft Dynamics365 has improved my work life and my relationship with our customers through the integration, mobility, and tools to build leads.

“…much of my day was spent working IN the customer accounts and hardly any time dedicated to working ON my customer accounts” – Ksenia Bejakova, Sales Team Member at Vox ISM

The Powerful Integration

It goes without saying that the integration is the most significant breakthrough for me. I remember not too long ago when I spent most of my day navigating amongst separate applications to gain insight on a customer account. Having to do a double/triple entry of data to keep each application up to date, and dealing with conflicting data. So much of my day was spent working IN the customer accounts and hardly any time dedicated to working ON my customer accounts.

Now I am able to engage the customer better because my information is relevant, accurate and available at a moments notice. My favourite is the Outlook Integration – I live in Outlook. It’s where most of my weekly tasks manifest from. I cannot believe that I can check on a customers account information and NEVER exit the EMAIL! Some customers cannot believe how quickly I can respond to them. They feel like I am on the ball and have their organisations best interest in mind. Every customer gets the VIP attention because of it.

The lines are blurring and Microsoft Dynamics365 helps me keep the balance with Mobility. Global Markets bring Global Customers and all of them in different time zones. In the past – if our company had an important deal pending from an overseas customer and they needed information or to connect with our office – they had to wait until the next business day. A process that normally takes a few hours with our domestic customers was taking upwards of 3-4 days. With Microsoft Dynamics365 mobility – I can access the relevant and insightful data my overseas client needs to close the deal from home, from the cottage, from anywhere in the world! My Global customers never endure the pains of distant time and space.

Lead Generation on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ok, let’s broach the subject important to every sales team – Lead generation. Lead generating can be a hard and reward-less task. Any salesperson can attest to the pains of gathering and then qualifying. The process takes a long time and the lead may not be fruitful in the end. With LinkedIn integration into Microsoft Dynamics365; my cost per lead has dramatically reduced. I use LinkedIn Navigator to generate search results for thousands of relevant leads. I can filter down to a specific industry and position and pre-qualify them based on their LinkedIn profiles. In 1 hour – I can do what used to take a team of people to do in one day. Once I have identified someone as a potential lead – I then use functions like Ice Breaker to introduce myself and connect.

Icebreaker shows me common contacts with the potential lead. When I reach out to this lead I can say something like “Hi there, I see you and Tom have worked together in the past. Tom is one of our current customers and has advised that you may be looking for XYZ. Let me know how if I can help”. This increases my chances of catching the leads attention because my message does not sound like the dreaded “cold call”. These tactics, along with the information I can gather about the targeted organisation and industry, empowers me and engages my potential customers.

To Conclude

With the front to back-end integration, mobility and tools to fill up the pipeline – my work life has significantly improved! I provide better customer service, have the agility to respond with insightful information, and reduced my CPL. Dynamics365 for Sales has made me a happy employee with happy customers!


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