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In recent years, Microsoft has changed its focus on strengthening its cloud-first solutions. Thousands of Canadian companies have migrated from their old ERP and CRM systems to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to leverage superior features, modernized their user experience, and for its integration and AI capabilities.

Migration to Dynamics 365 offers greater business potential with the benefits of the Microsoft cloud and a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications that meet your business demands.

Upgrade your IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud with Canada’s #1 Microsoft Cloud Partner. At VOX ISM, we have a knowledgeable and professional staff ready to help address any of your IT infrastructure upgrade needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Five reasons to choose Microsoft Cloud

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud has numerous benefits. Whether you’re looking to enhance security and become GDPR compliant, cut your total cost of ownership by 10.25%, or improve teamwork and innovation by integrating AI capabilities, migration to Dynamics 365 provides a solution to your IT problems.

Costs and maintenance

With Microsoft Cloud, you don’t need to purchase expensive server equipment, maintain them and pay large electricity bills. Microsoft Cloud can help you reduce operational expenses as your staff doesn’t have to waste precious time troubleshooting problems. It allows you and your team to be more flexible to devote more time to other critical business areas.

Security/threat protection

While some businesses may be hesitant to move to the cloud, cloud security has never been better. According to Gartner, public cloud service workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security disturbances than those in traditional data centers.

Microsoft Cloud offers comprehensive, multi-layered security that includes the following:

  • Access control systems
  • Data redundancy
  • Continual threat monitoring
  • Mass file deletion protection
  • Encryption for data in transit and at rest
  • Physical data center security
  • Application security
  • Continuous validation
  • Suspicious login and activity monitoring

Microsoft spends over $1 billion on cybersecurity each year.  Hence, unlike on-premises storage, you’ll have a team of Microsoft global cybersecurity experts helping to safeguard your business data at all times.  


Many businesses in the healthcare and financial industries (and beyond) are subject to compliance with mandates such as HIPAA, GDPR or CCPA, etc. Unlike an on-premise solution, Microsoft Cloud has teams of experts who have more certifications than any other cloud provider in dozens of crucial industries, including health, government, finance, education, manufacturing and media. Click to view the list of Microsoft compliance offerings here.


With Microsoft Cloud, there’s no need to rack and stack servers. Businesses can scale workloads based on specific metrics as needed in the cloud, in literally a few clicks, by using built-in features. This capability allows you to scale up, down, out and in—quickly! This flexibility dramatically cuts your overhead costs connected with monitoring and scaling resources manually.


Microsoft Cloud lets you and your team access apps from anywhere in the world at any time. That means companies can propose a flexible working schedule to their employees, making a smooth transition to remote/hybrid work. Moving to the cloud also allows easy and secure file sharing, real-time collaboration with your team and better version control.

The economic benefits of Microsoft Cloud



Microsoft Cloud

Dynamics 365

Migration to Dynamics 365

Bring your sales, services, finance, and operations teams together within a single cloud business management solution – Dynamics 365. Go beyond the promise of automation and process improvements to transform your business with the ability to adapt faster, perform better, and work smarter.

Legacy systems can’t eternally manage the complexity of a growing enterprise. Incomplete data and tedious reporting can create complicated blind spots that lead to flawed decision-making. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can create a single source of authenticity by seamlessly sharing data across every line of business, helping your team work faster and smarter.

Migrate from QuickBooks to Business Central Online

More and more growing Canadian businesses are migrating from QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, designed for startups and other small businesses, to Dynamics 365 Business Central, supporting more extensive, more complex organizations.

While migrating to Dynamics 365, businesses typically bring their data with them, so they don’t start from scratch. To help transfer data, Dynamics 365 Business Central gives built-in extensions that migrate data, particularly customers, inventory items, vendors, and general ledger accounts.

Migration to Dynamics 365 is remarkably smooth as the following extensions are already installed and ready to go as an integrated part of the Data Migration assisted setup guide:

  • QuickBooks Online Data Migration
  • QuickBooks Data Migration

Migrate your NAV data to Business Central Online

If your business processes have become stagnant and modified so heavily that performance and business efficiency have started to suffer, then migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central solution could help.

Dynamics 365 Business Central extensions give an advantage for bolting on additional functionality, with the ability to add and remove extensions as you wish quickly.

Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with hundreds of features and functionality, and by upgrading, you can continue to enjoy the most advanced functionality with bi-annual system upgrades.

Dynamics 365

Migrate from CRM On-Premise to Dynamics 365 Online

Microsoft rebranded its CRM product from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365. Along with the rebranding, Microsoft introduced new functionality only available in the Dynamics 365 Online version.

VOX ISM team has been working with Dynamics CRM since version 1.0; hence we have deep expertise in both on-premise and cloud-based deployment models and can help make your migration to Dynamics 365 run smooth.

8-Step Process

  1. Prepare Solution in CRM On-Premise
    • Check Version Compatibility
    • Upgrade CRM On-Premise to make it compatible for Export -> Import to Cloud
    • Development changes might be required to ensure that the different custom components work in the target environment:
      • JScripts – change the existing Jscript code to be compatible with D365 Online
      • Custom Plugins and Workflows – Sandbox Mode, latest SDK and other considerations
      • Workflows – there is a limitation of 200 workflows allowed in online version
      • SQL Jobs – to be rewritten using SDK provided API
      • Reports – convert SQL Reports into Fetch XML or build reports in PBI
  2. Export Solution from CRM On-Premise
  3. Setup a new Dynamics 365 environment
  4. Import Solution(s) into D365 Online
  5. Integrations – review integrations between CRM On-Premise and other systems, i.e. NAV, BC, other ERP systems, etc. and come up with the plan to migrate
  6. Data
    • Decide what data needs to be migrate
    • Migrate Data to the new environment – by using i.e. KingswaySoft tool
  7. Test D365 solution and data
  8. Go-Live with D365 Online

Migrate your GP data to Business Central

If you’re still using Dynamics GP and want to be “future-ready,” you should start planning a migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Although both Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central caters to the same target audience, with Business Central, you get access to superior features and capabilities from Microsoft that can help in your digital transformation journey.

Bridge to the Cloud Promotion

On September 1, 2021, Microsoft launched the Bridge to the Cloud promotion to support existing SMB customers (Dynamics NAV, GP, SL, Business Central on-premises) committed to move to the cloud by connecting the benefits of the Enhancement plan with Cloud-based pricing.

This new promotion enables existing customers that are active on their Enhancement Plan (EP) to renew through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and receive Dynamics 365 Business Central online licenses.

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"Dynamics 365 is the backbone, the foundation. It's a must-have  there's no way we could run our business without it."

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