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We’re now into our new reality and two trends stand out: first, organizations need even more flexibility as we work, learn, and collaborate in a world without perimeters; and second, poor players are getting even more devious. They’re adding new attack vectors and combining them in new inventive ways. If there’s one thing this new reality has shown to businesses it’s that security isn’t getting any easier. In recent times, many high-profile breach activities have emphasized the complexity of managing business security in an increasingly connected world. It’s a fight for organizations of every size and the public and private sectors alike.

Organizations need to strengthen their security to give employees and customers the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world using apps that live inside and outside of the traditional corporate network boundary.

Microsoft Security

Secure your systems with Microsoft Security Packages

VOX ISM provides a Microsoft Security Package - Enhanced Security and End-point Protection, including BitDefender as part of its solution.

This package also includes an intuitive interface for managing settings and configurations for online systems and pre-configured “template” profile settings that prevent an early warning of possible insecure settings within the systems.

VOX ISM's Security Plans

VOX Enhanced Security & End-point Protection Protects Servers and PCs For On-line and On-Premise systems


Per user/month
Including 1 server +$3/month/additional device

End-point Protection for all your systems

End-points (PCs\Users) are the #1 source of breaches and are typically the least protected

  • This package fortifies your end-points through a layered defense approach using prevention, multi-stage detection and automated response features
  • Protects physical and virtual devices, running Windows, MAC and Linux OS

Intuitive Interface for Threat Protection settings

Deployment of best-practices security settings

  • Pre-defined “template” settings to make it easy to use
  • Audit & Mailbox Logs Always-On, Enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) for admin/all users, Outbound spam notifications

Monitoring & Alerts

24/7 Email alerts can apply to:

  • Any change to your security policy, Unknown devices or IP, Suspicious mailbox activities or Administrator abuse


  • Activity Dashboards, Automated reports, White label reports
  • Export to PDF or CSV

The Secure Backup protection offers secure Off-site backups of your databases and key files to ensure recoverability.


Per user/month
Including 1 server +$3/month/additional device

Off-site Backups of Databases & Key Files

Regular & Configurable Off-site Backups to Cloud for all systems

  • Applies to both On-premise and Cloud-based systems
  • Guards against Ransomware corruption of backups as well as physical damage (flood\fire, etc.)
  • Flexible pricing based on usage (50GB\mnth packets)
  • Critical component to any Disaster Recovery Plan

Additional Protection for Office365 systems

  • Includes backup of O365 Email, Sharepoint and OneDrive files

Why would you need Off-site backup protection if your Dynamics 365 Business Central and Customer Engagement/CRM databases are already automatically backed up by Microsoft?

Because those backups do NOT include Microsoft 365 email, SharePoint sites or OneDrive files; they only apply to the actual BCCRM Databases.

Some key points about the Microsoft Security “Secure Backup Protection” package:

35% of on-premise backups fail (you cannot restore from them). Either due to old media being used or because of a bad sector on a drive or simply not maintained or tested.

Ransomware attacks files through the network, so local backups often run the risk of being affected by ransomware and putting your data at significant risk.

The Secure Backup protection offers secure Off-site backups to ensure the safety of backups and recoverability.

The Secure Backup protection applies to Databases and key files and folders for On-premise systems as well as backups of Microsoft (Office) 365 Email, SharePoint and OneDrive files for Online systems.

Flexible pricing based on usage is available (based on 50GB per month packets)

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