Frequently Asked Questions

In our 20 years in the industry we have heard it all. We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

Yes – Vox ISM is an authorized re-seller of FreePoint Technologies, an add-on application that provides real-time communication from your CNC’s and Injection molding presses to the Dynamics ERP application. For older equipment, the technology comes with hardware that can turn your manual manual milling, grinding, planer, lathe, shaper, or broaching tools into smart machines. This is a great application of the internet of things (IOT).

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Yes. With Dynamics 365 you have the ability to add-on extra features as you desire. Vox ISM is an authorized re-seller of Insight Works, an add-on application that is built directly in NAV, providing mobile device integration to a warehouse setting. For more information on the barcoding and scanning labels check click here:

The decision comes down to what will work best for your organization’s unique business needs. Below are a few pointers to help you decide.

Dynamics Online Benefits:

  • Infrastructure: No need to purchase and maintain hardware and software.
  • Implementation Speed: Dynamics 365 Online system can be started very quickly.
  • More features: CRM Online has more features and capabilities
  • Security: Data is protected by 5 security layers & disaster recovery service

Dynamics On-Premises Benefits:

  • You can manage and maintain your servers and databases
  • You can use SQL queries and reports
  • You can utilize your existing investments in hardware and IT infrastructure
  • You can control when CRM updates and feature upgrades are applied
  • Protects you from data storage costs if your database size exceeds the default cloud limit

You can also speak directly with a Vox ISM representative to learn more and find out what works best for you.

Sales, Service, Marketing, Field Service, Project Service, Operations, and Finance are the core of the Dynamics 365 business applications.

Simply put Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications that bring together your CRM and ERP systems. For more you can go straight to the source at

The Windows10 Fall Creators Update v. 1709 has a known issue with ALL versions of VISUAL Manufacturing\ERP except for version 9.0.2. This is a known issue with Windows10 v. 1709 and it is resolved by Infor’s release of VISUAL 9.0.2. While there have been several potential “work-arounds” for this (listed below) none of them have really provided a good solutions.

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Restart the NAV\CRM Services on the Server.

The most common reason for NAV\CRM On-premise systems not responding after a reboot is that some of the Services on the Server may not have automatically started (this happens from time-to-time on Windows Server).

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