Question: “I’ve restarted my Servers and now my NAV\CRM is not work.  What should I do?”

Answer: Restart the NAV\CRM Services on the Server.

The most common reason for NAV\CRM On-premise systems not responding after a reboot is that some of the Services on the Server may not have automatically started (this happens from time-to-time on Windows Server).

To start the services do the following:

  • Log onto the NAV\CRM Application Server (this is the one that runs you r NAV\CRM Services, it is usually NOT the Database server)
  • Go into the “Services” Control Panel

restart CRM and NAV services - go to Control Panel Items and Administrative Tools

  • Sort the column by “Startup Type” and look for any services marked as “Automatic” or “Automatic (Delayed)” that do NOT have the “Status” of “Started” … right-click on them and select Start.

restart CRM and NAV services - start the services

  • While you can just focus on those Services with the Name “CRM” or “NAV” in them, it is good practice to do this for ALL services marked as “Automatic” or “Automatic (Delayed)”.

restart CRM and NAV services - sort the column by startup type

  • Hint – if you have IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) enabled, you will also want to start the “Active Directory Federation Service” (ADFS) – this is usually on the NAV\CRM Application server but some customers will have it on another Server. If in doubt, you can contact your VoxISM Technical Support representative for assistance.
  • If you still have issues, you should also log onto the Database Server and make sure the services that that “SQLServer” in their Name have all been started.

If you still cannot connect then contact your Vox ISM Technical Support representative.