Question: Can I barcode and scan labels with Microsoft Dynamics?

Answer: Yes – Vox ISM is an authorized reseller of Insight Works, an add-on application that is built directly in NAV, providing mobile device integration to a warehouse setting.

barcode and scan labels with Microsoft Dynamics - Insight Works add on

The software provides REAL-TIME ACCESS TO INVENTORY & PRODUCTION DATA. Inventory details from NAV can now be accessed and updated in real-time from a handheld device. This helps to ensure that the physical warehouse remains in sync with your data in NAV. The manual tracking of warehouse transactions is no longer required, reducing the overhead and potential for errors resulting from double-entry of the data. In addition to the standard WMS features that are included in Dynamics NAV.  Insight works extends the application providing additional features.

These include:

  • Advanced Physical Count
  • Advanced Cycle-Count
  • License Plating
  • Camera Integration
  • Offline Processing
  • Pick, Pack Line Scanning and Put-away
  • UPS, Purolator, and CanPar direct integration
  • Multi-Dimensional Barcode Support, including DataMatrix and QR Codes