Every organization are required to create reports so that they can analyze their data to collect information that is important for all their departments. Working with numerous Excel spreadsheets and various reporting services or applications is quite a wearying process. These reports are typically not real-time. Previously employees need specialized training to create these critical reports. The new integration of PowerBI into Microsoft Dynamics 365 can deliver real-time data to and from all departments. Also, all the departments can see the information essential to them. You also do not need a programmer to accomplish this when using Microsoft Dynamics PowerBI.


With the release of the all-new Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerBI can tap into all the data within the system and can create personalized dashboards for each user or allow every department to view the dashboards explicitly designed for them.

Advantages of using the PowerBI within the Microsoft Dynamics 365:

– Generate real-time information for each report.

– Cross-reference comparisons and different types of data to get the exact information you want in your custom report.

– PowerBI is an easy to use application where all the users can effortlessly create their personalized dashboards.

– PowerBI is constantly updating data to deliver the current innovations and also fit the reporting requirements of the organization.

– Evaluate cases for customers allowing customer service to base priority and response time.

– Make scheduling maintenance and services on the reporting dashboards.

Using data to create real-time information for your company has frequently grown now. Now, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerBI, companies can also analyze their data providing insights to improve their performance, customer satisfaction, and can ensure that they can grow to their full potential.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for Manufacturing

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