“Technology drives business. If you’re not innovative, if you’re not grasping technology you will not survive in this industry. It’s about manufacturing, tooling, with high technology, and fast lead times, speed to market, that’s what wins in our industry…”

  • Tim Galbraith, Director of CAMM

Technology: How are Canadian manufacturers surpassing the competition.

Representing 170 companies and 11,000 employees the Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) is Canada’s leading national association representing mold makers, service providers and suppliers to the global mold making industry. They believe that community and technology is what separates Canadian manufacturers from the rest of the world. The community includes dedicated tryout shops, multiple welding shops specializing in exotic metals. It also includes secondary workshops that do texturing, polishing, and finishing. With the incorporation of modern technology into day-to-day operations, and not just on the shop floor, CAMM members are able to take supply chain management to a new level. This has presented them with the opportunities other industries don’t have. Opportunities like having a business model with a 120-130% capacity as a standard.

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