Best Microsoft Software & Tools for 2022

Data, Technology, and Insights powers the digital age.  If you are looking to keep up with the competition, then it is vital to have the right processes and systems in place. Microsoft’s Power Platform makes it possible to simplify your business processes.

If you are interested in learning how to act, automate, and analyze your data for more innovative results, check out our on-demand Microsoft Power Platform webinar video.

Key benefits of coming to this webinar

  • What are PowerApps, Power Automate, & Power BI?
  • Leverage the Power Platform for your organization
  • Scale your operations
  • Bonus: Demo of useful applications

Welcome Back. What's new with Shop9000 and Microsoft

Welcome Back. What's new with Shop9000 and Microsoft

If you’re still running Visual Mfg., that’s awesome! It’s a great product (we were their when it was created in 1994) but you may have noticed its hard to keep running on Windows 7 or XP machines and not very many people know about the product anymore.  So come join us on this webinar and we’ll show you what a 2022 ERP system looks like and how you can leverage Office 365.


  1. Introduction to Microsoft Technology
  2. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Overview
  3. Similarities and differences between Visual Mfg. and Microsoft Dynamics
  4. Data Migration
  5. How to get started

A Walkthrough of Microsofts ERP Solution: Business Central

This session is a walkthrough guide for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Its purpose is to help new users you to set up the system and learn the basic navigation. We will follow a step-by-step reference on how to get started with Microsoft Dynamic Business Central as well as provide education on its application into various industries.


  1. Introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  2. Navigation and User Interface
  3. Process Walkthrough (Quote to Cash)
  4. Customization
  5. Collaboration Tools
  6. Data Management
  7. Dashboards

So, the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central are:

  • You can easily integrate it into your current business application.
  • It has a flexible pricing option that allows you to choose the right package according to your needs and budget.
  • It offers real-time data access, reliable security, high availability of data, and no need for any training or maintenance cost.
  • This provides an easy interface with several additional features like mobile access, collaboration tools, social media integration, etc. that enable you to work anytime, anywhere.

Dynamics 365 Brand New Features, Modules and Technology

Dynamics 365 Brand New Features, Modules and Technology

Today we will review a compilation of new capabilities, modules and features planned to be released from Microsoft Wave I, April 2022 to September 2022 as it relates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

The Microsoft Power Platform release plan for the 2022 release wave 1 describes new features releasing from April 2022 through September 2022 for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps portals, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and AI Builder, as well as Microsoft Power Platform capabilities for governance and administration, ISV experiences, and data integration.

Highlights from Dynamics 365 2022 Wave 1 release:

Microsoft Power Platform enables users and organizations to analyze, act, and automate on the data to digitally transform their businesses. Microsoft Power Platform today comprises four products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. It also has two add-ins: AI Builder and Power Apps portals.

Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to simplify the customer onboarding experience by offering a modern Help pane that provides learning guidance and helps to increase productivity and process adoption. Customers using Microsoft Power Platform can also use the newly available connector capabilities. It is also easier to trigger a Power Automate flow directly from Business Central pages, which can save time by automating processes. Collaborating on Business Central data in Microsoft Teams is improved due to the removal of licensing friction.

Dynamics 365 Sales focuses on enabling sales professionals to harness the power of data and intelligence which will help them to forecast, compare annual projections, and measure performance using predictive scoring. Sellers can collaborate using Teams from within Dynamics 365 to accelerate their pipeline, while managers can track team performance and provide coaching to increase customer satisfaction. Our goal is to help the seller close more deals, faster, while being as productive as possible.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

From Startup to Scaleup: What CFOs Need to Know About 2022 Technology

Online accounting software, built for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) is easy-to-use, online accounting software designed for businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.

CFO’s need to understand the importance and necessity of technologies in achieving business objectives.  This webinar will walk you through how to build out your company’s technology roadmap, understand what is required to “close the gap” and set a budget for a list of must-do’s, should-do’s and could-do’s.

The top 3 CFO technology need to know, and todays agenda:

  1. Core technology in 2022 (Mobile, fully integrated, cloud based, advanced reporting, workflows)
  2. It all works together (ERP, CRM, Office) in the cloud
  3. Lots of software, you will get started with only 10%, and need to use more later (how about – HR, Fixed Assets, Budgeting & Forecasting, Advanced analytics)

From Startup to Scaleup: What CFOs Need to Know About 2022 Technology

From Startup to Scaleup: What CFOs Need to Know About 2022 Technology

Eliminate your C Drives and D Drives with SharePoint

Eliminate your C drives and D drives with SharePoint

If you’re like most companies, you have tens of thousands of files, hundreds of directories and several file servers storing corporate data through connected desktops in the office. This was a great invention, but it only works in the office or connected through a VPN.

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Launched in 2001, SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable, and its usage varies substantially among organizations.

If you are working from home, you will still need to create, collaborate, and share documents with your co-workers, but email isn’t the best solution. Furthermore, the shared drive concept wasn’t perfect, to begin with: people forget to store their files in the company drive, there are gaps in collaboration, content gets duplicated, and old versions get mistake for the latest.

This webinar is to showcase how SharePoint can effectively replace file servers and allow you to optimize and better arrange contents as you move to the cloud.

1. Introduction to SharePoint

2. Creating Folders

3. Creating Metatags

4. Version control

5. Integration into Teams

6. Searching, Sorting


Benefits to SharePoint over a file server

1. Complete access

2. Searching

3. Check-in and Check Out

4. Version history and backup protection

5. A single copy in a single space


May 10, 2022
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.

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How a CFO can leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central

How a CFO can leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central

Financial Management is at the heart of ERP software and implementing a robust, cloud-based finance management solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central allows CFO’s to better manage, analyze and present data that has the most impact.

Join us on for an interactive webinar with formal CFO’s, discuss what they liked the most about Business Central.


  1. See the big picture – dashboards
  2. Streamlining departments – workflows
  3. Making smarter decisions – KPI’s and Analysis
  4. Improve forecast Accuracy – Excel Integration
  5. Extend your financials – Online services and ISV’s
  6. Compliance Ready and Security


April 21, 2022
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.

Hope to see you at the webinar. For questions, reach out to, or call +1-705-466-7477.

Microsoft Security Online Boot Camp

Microsoft Security Bootcamp

As people increasingly shift to remote work, protecting your organization’s information and managing risk should be a top priority. Microsoft Security Online Training Camp teaches you how to take advantage of Microsoft technologies that identify and remediate threats that arise from creating, storing, sharing, and using sensitive data.

In this online training camp, we will give you all the essential tools and materials that will help you to train your staff on data security, cyber hygiene and compliance. Properly preparing the team on security protocols promotes a security-conscious staff that works together to avoid internal risk and external risk in fraud, breaches of data and losses for the company.

How necessary is this Microsoft Security Online Training?

Studies have shown almost 34% of businesses do not consider training employees the first line of defence, leaving them vulnerable and open to cyber attacks. Sadly, if staff don’t know how to protect the company from cybercriminals, who will?

Join Microsoft Solutions Expert – Mike Fontaine and Senior Technology Advisor and Information Systems Expert – Trevor Reid for this one-hour training camp that will leave you confident in your ability to protect your organization’s most valuable asset: its data.

Microsoft Security Online Training Camp will cover:

Overview of Microsoft Security and Compliance

Understand and identify the possible threats

The “Dark Web” – what you should know about what’s really out there

Security Awareness Training

Using the Tools you May Already have (Anti-PhishingSpam2fa in O365)

Creating an Acceptable Use Policy for the staff

Providing Strong Password Training

Teach Employees to Identify Threats and Report Problems

Use Proper Device Management

Remote Access and Wi-Fi Best Practices

Organizational Security Awareness and Preparedness (DRPs, exit protocols)

What’s next

Security changes that are coming this year (double authentication, etc.)

VOX ISM Security Package

A comprehensive collection of security capabilities for the modern organization.


April 26, 2022
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on the Cisco Webex platform. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.
Hope to see you at the webinar. For questions, reach out to, or call 705-466-7477.

11 Excel Secrets for Accountants

11 Excel Secrets for Accountants

Are you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) accountant that works too in Microsoft Excel a lot? Are you interested in learning Excel Secrets for Accountants from other Dynamics 365 Business Central accountants on how to work faster and smarter in Excel?  

In this webinar, we’ll focus on using Excel better and teaching fellow accountants some fancy formulas, short-cuts and integration tools available in 2022. The next reporting tool that Dynamics 365 Business Central accountants use is Power BI have a look, it is as easy to use as Excel, this should be your summer 2022 project! 

Bring your notepad, questions and have your spreadsheets open for 45 minutes of training.


• Exporting from Business Central

• Exporting from Business Central– using filters

• Sorting and Subtotaling

• Including from table to a range

• Nested Subtotals

• Pivot tables

• Pivot table settings

• Slicers

• Pivot table calculated fields

• Vertical Lookup

• Data validation

• What if

• Auditing

• Export update, Refresh & Publish data in Business Central

• Power BI – the next generation


May 3, 2022
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.

Hope to see you at the webinar. For questions, reach out to, or call +1-705-466-7477.