Fabric/Co pilot

Microsoft Fabric and Copilot: The Ultimate Analytics Duo

· Introduction

Explain the objectives and agenda of the webinar

Provide some background and context on Microsoft Fabric and Copilot

· Microsoft Fabric Overview

Explain the key features and benefits of Microsoft Fabric

Show a demo of how to use Fabric to create an end-to-end analytics project

Highlight some customer success stories and use cases

· Microsoft Copilot Overview

Explain the key features and benefits of Microsoft Copilot

Show a demo of how to use Copilot to generate reports, charts, and answers in natural language

Highlight some best practices and tips for using Copilot effectively

What is New with ChatGPT?


  1. Introduction to ChatGPT’s New Features
  2. Enhancing Customer Support with ChatGPT
  3. Streamlining Internal Communications
  4. Automated Market Research Insights
  5. Improving Content Creation Workflow
  6. Data Security Enhancements
  7. Q&A Session.

ChatGPT integrated with Microsoft Business Central and CRM


  • Brief Overview of ChatGPT and Microsoft Dynamics (Business Central and CRM)

Understanding ChatGPT

  • Key Features and Capabilities of ChatGPT
  • The Potential of ChatGPT in Business Operations

Integration with Microsoft Business Central and CRM

  • Benefits and Use Cases of Integration
  • Case Studies: Success Stories with ChatGPT and Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Practical Applications

  • Demonstration: How to Integrate ChatGPT with Microsoft Business Central and CRM
  • Best Practices for Maximizing the Potential of This Integration

Interactive Session

  • Hands-On Exercise: Implementing ChatGPT Integration in Your Business Operations


  • Recap of Key Takeaways
  • Q&A Session
  • Closing Remarks and Next Steps

ChatGPT 101: Everything you need to know

Microsoft Confirms Its $10 Billion Investment Into ChatGPT, Changing How Microsoft Competes With Google, Apple And Other Tech Giants – Jan. 23rd, 2023

With Microsoft finally confirming the recent extension of its partnership with OpenAI, it looks like further updates to this tool can be expected in the near future. It will be exciting to see how Microsoft utilizes this technology in its suite of products and if the company can monetize this new tool.

Agenda for a ChatGPT Webinar:

  1. Introduction to AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  2. Overview of ChatGPT and its capabilities
  3. Real-world applications and case studies of ChatGPT
  4. How to integrate ChatGPT into your business or organization
  5. Q&A session with our ChatGPT expert
  6. Future outlook and potential developments in the field of AI and NLP
  7. Conclusion and wrap-up.

Now in preview: Microsoft Viva Sales with GPT

Your sellers can now communicate more effectively with GPT generative AI.

Generate suggested email content that’s specifically relevant to the recipient—such as pricing, promotions, and deadlines—from your customer relationship management (CRM) system and Microsoft 365 apps with the help of AI in Viva Sales.

This new capability builds upon existing Viva Sales features that help sellers:

  • Cut the drudgery. Focus on building relationships by automating and simplifying tasks with AI-generated emails and data collection and entry.
  • Connect the data. Get more done with actionable insights in the flow of work by bringing together data from Microsoft 365 apps and any CRM system.
  • Crush the sale. Keep momentum rolling with AI-driven analytics that provide recommendations and reminders.

Watch ChatGPT generate AI in Action

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On March 1st, VOX ISM hosted one of Canada’s first webinars on ChatGPT, a Microsoft project and product designed to automate customer service chatbots using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. The webinar was well-received by attendees, who provided positive feedback on the content and presentation.

If you would like to access a recording of the webinar and the presentation workbook please click here.