Incredible, many thanks to our development team for helping me out over the weekend. This represents a major step forward in how we work and interact with Images. In Dynamics NAV 2018 the computer vision API is now embedded and available for consumption on the Item card. This article walks through the process and then discusses our future R&D for manufacturing.

Step 1: Email me if you need instructions on how to connect the API to NAV 2018 (

Step 2: Upload an image to the item

Step 3: Click Analyze item

nav 2018 item card bicycle

Step 4: Detected Attribute and Confidence

nav 2018 image analyzer detection

Step 5: Click view all attributes to see below 80% confidence scores

nav 2018 image analyzer view attributes

Step 6: Choose which action to perform

nav 2018 image analyzer perform actions

Step 7: Select which attribute to use

NAV 2018 item attributes

Step 8: View Final Results

nav 2018 image analyzer view final results

Vox ISM is in the process of researching and understanding how to train the AI and leverage it in manufacturing. A simple example would be that on the production order’s quality measures instead of a visual inspection of weld joints, perhaps we would take a picture and the computer would automatically come back with a % confidence of the quality of the joint.

nav 2018 training the AI

We are assuming that in order to fully create a ‘go-no-go’ type of quality test we would need to upload thousands of photo’s but if we understand how to manipulate and train the API for computer vision we will be able to offer this as a service to our customers.

weld quality

Let us know what you think?

Do you have 1000’s of images and are willing to invest the time in an application for your industry?

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Mike Fontaine