Fujitsu is an excellent example of how a manufacturing company can harness the power of data.  Collection of an access to critical data real-time can help supervisors better manage and maintain productivity.  Customer service and marketing can apply real-time decisions based on information gather from devices.

New techniques are being developed every day in order to gather information quickly and easily.  Increasing production, recovery, yield and quality all the while reducing costs without sacrificing safety, reliability and production.

This calls for driving more insights and better decisions from the petabytes of data collected from numerous sensors measuring and monitoring the physical processes.  Accessing, storing and analyzing this data is the next step to drive actionable results.

Obviously its easier for mass-production facilities where the volume, variety and velocity of data continues to increase and is very reliable.  I’m sure we’ll see more companies like Fujitsu integrating manufacturing sensors into their plants and then analyzing the results for continuous improvement.