The irony of working for Microsoft is that one of the most effective manufacturing strategies is called DOS.  Which, in manufacturing terms, does not stand for ‘disk operating system’ but ‘Daily Operating Statistics’.  I first discovered this with


I’ve looked for years on the web for this term and it does not show up so thought I would blog about the subject.

Back in the day this was done on chalk boards in which every manager in the company was responsible for a operating statistic.

There were daily targets or thresholds to achieve on one board

For example

Jim – Sales Target $10,00     Actual ______

Mike – Injuries Target 0          Actual ______

Larry – Complaints Target 0  Actual ______

The achievement of the target meant that you didn’t need to talk about what you were going to do to achieve the next day’s result.

There was another board called the ‘Accountability Board’ in which your name would go up with a due date for corrective action.

In essence this was a cross between Hoshin planning and some of the techniques that they employ at Toyota Manufacturing.

Now that Microsoft has released powerBI and included a content pack for Dynamics NAV.  I will strive to replicate this ‘advanced’ manufacturing execution system for our customers using modern software and modern technology.

Please look forward to future posts on the subject.