Leads are like money, you can never have enough.

But a lot of sales managers don’t realize how much effort it actually takes to generate a lead or that there is a direct correlation to activities to leads.

At Vox, we use a combination of Skype, template emails, and workflows to support our cold calling campaigns. We also measure performance.  To put things into perspective, Linda and Chris are our nurture marketers and they make on average 40-50 calls per day.  Our sales reps will vary from 30 to 50 depending on whether they are selling or calling.

This means on average that Vox makes 200 calls per day, 1000 calls per week, 4000 per month and 50,000 per year.

We will generate about 1000 leads in 1 year as a direct result, 10-20 will result in new deals in year 1.

We obviously don’t just rely on cold calling,, we also support all of the phone campaigns with webinars, social media, internet marketing, SEO and word of mouth campaigns.

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