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Are you Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) accountant that works too in Microsoft Excel a lot? Are you interested in learning Excel Secrets for Accountants from other Dynamics 365 Business Central accountants on how to work faster and smarter in Excel?  

In this webinar, we’ll focus on using Excel better and teaching fellow accountants some fancy formulas, short-cuts and integration tools available in 2022. The next reporting tool that Dynamics 365 Business Central accountants use is Power BI have a look, it is as easy to use as Excel, this should be your 2022 project! 

Bring your notepad, questions and have your spreadsheets open for 45 minutes of training.


• Exporting from Business Central

• Exporting from Business Central– using filters

• Sorting and Subtotalling

• Including from table to a range

• Nested Subtotals

• Pivot tables

• Pivot table settings

• Slicers

• Pivot table calculated fields

• Vertical Lookup

• Data validation

• What if

• Auditing

• Export update, Refresh & Publish data in Business Central

• Power BI – the next generation

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