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Embark on a hassle-free journey to set up your Microsoft CRM swiftly and effectively. Unearth practical tips, expert insights, and a straightforward roadmap to expedite the CRM readiness, ensuring a seamless customer relationship management experience without the delays and complexities.


1. Essential 1: Clear Objectives and Expectations

a. Teams

b. OneNote

c. Whiteboarding

d. Dashboards

2. Essential 2: Effective Data Management

a. Data Cleanup Techniques

b. Importing into CRM

3. Essential 3: Customization of CRM to your needs

a. Modifying Views

b. Changing Screens

c. Modifying Processes

d. Creating Dashboards

4. Essential 4: Training and Support Infrastructure.

a. Viva Sales

b. Viva Learning

c. User Adoption and overcoming common training challenges

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