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Objective of the Year-End Closing Process

Session 1: Understanding Year-End Closing in Business Central

o Importance of Year-End Closing

o Overview of Business Central’s Year-End Closing Process

Session 2: Pre-Closing Activities

o Checking Open Transactions

o Verifying Reports

o Reviewing the General Ledger

o Ensuring All Transactions are Posted

Session 3: Running the Year-End Close Process

o Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

o Addressing Common Issues

o Verifying Closing Entries

o Demo: Executing Year-End Close in Business Central

Session 4: Post-Closing Activities

o Confirming Closing Entries

o Reviewing Financial Statements

o Archiving and Backing up Data

o Checklist for Post-Closing Activities

Session 5: Tips and Best Practices

o Efficient and Accurate Year-End Close

o Utilizing Business Central Features for Year-End Closing

o Ensuring Compliance and Accuracy

Session 6: Q&A and Troubleshooting

o Addressing Queries from Participants

o Discussing Possible Challenges and Solutions

o Sharing Additional Resources and Support

Effectively utilizing Business Central for year-end closing streamlines the complex process, ensuring that it is completed efficiently, accurately, and in compliance with relevant regulations. This structured approach mitigates the risk of errors, enhances financial reporting accuracy, and helps in making informed business decisions for the upcoming fiscal year, ultimately contributing to the organization’s sustained growth and financial health.

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