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BMAC 2020 Virtual Booths

CompanyTopic Virtual Booth LinkPresenters
VOX ISM & Microsoft7 ways to decrease cost and improve efficiency using Microsoft Technology in 2020 and Microsoft 2020 New ReleasesClick here to joinJim Heaton, Dan Mennie & Mike Fontaine
NetronicAdvanced Production SchedulingClick here to joinMartin Karlowitsch
Insight WorksShop Floor Reporting, Material Barcoding, ShippingClick here to joinMark Hamblin
FreePoint TechnologiesMachine IntegrationClick here to joinPaul Hogendoorn
ShoplogixSmart FactoryClick here to joinNick Marchioli
QBuildCAD IntegrationClick here to joinCarson Fletcher
SherwebTechnology/Office365Click here to joinDavid Marosi
DiCentralEDI SolutionsClick here to joinBilly Ray
TrueCommerceEDI, Marketplace, and eCommerce storefront integrations for Business CentralClick here to joinSteve Norris
k-eCommerceSelling Online through your websiteClick here to joinRob Cook
DynamicPointManufacturing Portals for Microsoft Office 365Click here to joinMike Marcin
ZetadocsDiscover how Zetadocs Document and Expense Management can transition your paper-based system to an online system.Click here to joinSandra Cummins
ContiniaHow AP Automation and Document Capture can simplify your processes in these challenging times.Click here to joinChris de Visser
ProphixCorporate Performance ManagementClick here to joinPamela Taff
AxiomIT Security in 2020Click here to joinJason Marillla & Trevor Reid
APMAO-AMP updateClick here to joinGian Paolo Vescio
NGenSuperCluster FundingClick here to joinChristy Michalak

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BMAC 2020 will be conducted online. 

The Best Manufacturing Apps Conference (BMAC) is the one-stop experience that brings together Canadian manufacturers and industry experts and keeps them ahead of manufacturing’s digital transformation.

BMAC 2020 showcases the Top Manufacturing Apps that work with Microsoft’s ERP software – Dynamics 365 Business Central for Canadian manufacturers.

In this event, 17 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners will present for 7 minutes each to showcase their Manufacturing App. After partners’ presentations, if you like their App, each partner will have an open online conference room to answer your specific questions and show you the software in more detail.

Enjoy the opportunity to join top Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing Partners in one session, saving you hours organizing these one-on-one personal contact meetings. Register today, at no cost to you!

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend BMAC 2020

Find the right app for your business needs and get solutions tailored to your industry that works with the products you already use.

BMAC is recognized as the best platform for Canadian manufacturers for interactions on the latest trends in the manufacturing industry.

Attendees can interact with BMAC 2020 presenters showcasing their latest technologies ‘live’.

BMAC 2020 Highlights 

  • The latest technology innovations from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, Teams.
  • Canadian Manufacturing Industry Trends as we come out of the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Microsoft Apps designed for the manufacturing industry.
  • How to leverage technology to reduce costs in 2020 and beyond.
  • How to get funding and grants to accelerate the creation and adoption of new technologies.

BMAC 2020 Exhibitors

BMAC 2020 Exhibitors

Conference Agenda

Times are shown in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

SequenceStartTime AllocatedCompanyTopic Speaker
11:305VOX ISMKick off with JimJim Heaton
21:357VOX ISM7 ways to decrease cost and improve efficiency using Microsoft Technology in 2020.Mike Fontaine
31:427NetronicAdvanced Production SchedulingMartin Karlowitsch
41:497Insight WorksShop Floor Reporting, Material Barcoding, ShippingMark Hamblin
51:567FreePoint TechnologiesMachine IntegrationPaul Hogendoorn
62:037ShoplogixSmart FactoryNick Marchioli
72:107MicrosoftMicrosoft April & Oct. 2020 New ReleasesDan Mennie
82:177QBuildCAD IntegrationCarson Fletcher
92:247SherwebTechnology/Office365David Marosi
102:317DiCentralEDI SolutionsBilly Ray
112:387TruecommerceEDI, Marketplace, and eCommerce storefront integrations for Business CentralSteve Norris
122:527K-EcommerceSelling Online through your websiteRob Cook
132:597DynamicPointManufacturing Portals for Microsoft Office 365Mike Marcin
143:067ZetadocsDiscover how Zetadocs Document and Expense Management can transition your paper-based system to an online system.Sandra Cummins
153:137ContiniaHow AP Automation and Document Capture can simplify your processes in these challenging times.Chris de Visser
163:207ProphixCorporate Performance ManagementPamela Taff
183:277AxiomIT Security in 2020Jason Marillla & Trevor Reid
193:347APMAO-AMP updateGian Paolo Vescio
203:417NGenSuperCluster FundingChristy Michalak
213:485VOX ISMClosing StatementJim Heaton
4:0060Virtual BoothConnect With Presenters in Their Virtual Booth and Ask Detailed Questions

Event Speakers

Jim Heaton_Vox ISM

Jim Heaton
President, VOX ISM

Mike_Fontaine_Vox ISM

Mike Fontaine 
Microsoft Solutions Expert

David Marosi BMAC 2020

David Marosi

Mark-Hamblin DMS Companies_Insight Works BMAC 2020

Mark Hamblin
Insight Works

Nick Marchioli BMAC 2020

Nick Marchioli

Carson Fletcher BMAC 2020

Carson Fletcher
QBuild Software

Dan Mennie Microsoft BMAC 2020

Dan Mennie

billy_ray_falce BMAC 2020

Billy Ray Falce

Pamela Taff BMAC 2020

Pamela Taff

Martin Karlowitsch_BMAC 2020

Martin Karlowitsch

Paul Hogendoorn_BMAC 2020

Paul Hogendoorn
FreePoint Technologies

Rob Cook BMAC 2020

Rob Cook

Mike Marcin BMAC 2020

Mike Marcin

Christy Michalak BMAC 2020

Christy Michalak

Gian Paolo Vescio BMAC 2020

Gian Paolo Vescio

Sandra Cummins BMAC 2020

Sandra Cummins

Chris de Visser BMAC 2020

Chris de Visser

BMAC 2019 Recap


May 26, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on the Cisco Webex platform. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.

Hope to see you on the webinar. For questions, reach out to linda@voxism.com, or call 905-840-7477

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