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Embark on a detailed exploration of managing cycle counting and physical count in Business Central. This insightful webinar provides a comprehensive guide to ensure you fully grasp and effectively use these essential inventory management features for optimal results.


I. Introduction to Inventory Counting in Business Central (10 minutes)

Overview of cycle counting and physical count

Significance in maintaining inventory accuracy

Insights into Business Central’s inventory counting features

II. Deep Dive into Cycle Counting (15 minutes)

Exploring Cycle Counting in Business Central

Definition and importance

Key features and functionalities

Setting Up Cycle Counting

Configuration steps

Assigning items and locations

Executing a Cycle Count

Procedures and best practices

Analyzing discrepancies and adjustments

III. Practical Tips for Effective Cycle Counting (20 minutes)

Scheduling and Planning for Cycle Counting

Strategies for setting frequency

Utilizing Business Central for scheduling

Using Business Central to Analyze Cycle Counting Results

Reviewing and interpreting results

Making informed decisions based on data

IV. Comprehensive Guide to Physical Count (15 minutes)

Understanding Physical Count in Business Central

Key concepts and procedures

Differentiating from cycle counting

Conducting a Physical Count

Preparation steps

Business Central tools for efficient physical counting

V. Best Practices for Physical Counting (20 minutes)

Planning and Organization for Physical Count

Effective strategies and tips

Utilizing Business Central for seamless operations

Reviewing and Adjusting Post Physical Count

Evaluating results

Handling discrepancies in Business Central

Case Study: Successful Inventory Management with Accurate Counting

VI. Q&A and Interactive Session (20 minutes)

Interactive Q&A Segment

Addressing attendee questions

Providing further explanations and insights

Discussion on Challenges and Solutions

Sharing common hurdles and practical solutions

Insights from industry experts

VII. Conclusion and Additional Resources (10 minutes)

Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways

Summarizing the essential points and actions

Reinforcing the value of accurate counting in inventory management

Guidance on Further Learning

Offering resources, tutorials, and documentation

Ensuring ongoing support and learning opportunities

Key Takeaways:

Develop a solid understanding of cycle counting and physical count in Business Central.

Learn practical tips and strategies for effective and efficient counting.

Understand the functionalities within Business Central that support inventory counting.

Engage with experts to resolve queries and gain deeper insights.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to expertly manage cycle counting and physical count in Business Central, ensuring your inventory management is precise, efficient, and contributes positively to your business operations.

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