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2:30 – 2:55 pm

Day in the life: Introduction

Are you responsible for procuring goods and services for resale or company use? Do you have tools in place to evaluate suppliers, negotiate contracts and review product quality? Do you have reports that easily provide price trends, stock outs or future availability of materials and goods? Do you have any tools that facilitate the negotiating prices, preparing requisitions, purchase orders and the procurement records? This is a good session for people who are new to Dynamics or never received official training.   We’ll first begin by covering the basics in the toolset that Microsoft Dynamics provides.


–       Purchase Order Window

–       Blanket Orders

–       Requisitions

–       Purchase Quotes

–       Master Production Forecast

–       Material Planning

–       Item Master – preferred Vendor and Prices


Mike Fontaine– Application Consultant

2:55 – 3:15 pm

Day in the life: Daily Reports and Tasks

–       Running daily planning reports, expiration reports, slow moving reports

–       Looking at material planning reports and expedite lists

–       Projecting forward material requirements for better negotiation

–       Sending out request for pricing in excel and uploading

–       Evaluating vendor performance with reports

–       Using CRM to manage and evaluate vendors

–       Using the Role Based Dashboards for approvals, alerts and reports


Mike Fontaine – Application Consultant

3:15 – 3:25 pm

Questions and Answers

Purchasing is a big topic and we might not have covered everything. So please bring your questions and we’ll address them at the end.

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