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Understanding Business Central: An Overview

  • Explanation of what Business Central is
  • Features and functionalities of Business Central

Empowerment of Executives: A Paradigm Shift

  • Understanding the executive role in the era of digital transformation
  • Why empowering executives matters

Role of Business Central in Executive Empowerment

  • How Business Central aids in decision-making
  • The role of Business Central in providing insights and predictive analytics

Case Study: Success Stories

  • Sharing real-world examples of businesses leveraging Business Central
  • Discussing the impact on executive decision-making and performance

Practical Demonstration: Business Central in Action

  • Live demonstration of using Business Central
  • Emphasis on features particularly beneficial for executives

Key Takeaways: Extracting Value from Business Central

  • How to ensure effective usage of Business Central for executives
  • Strategies for executives to maximize benefits from Business Central

Interactive Q&A Session

  • Addressing queries from participants about Business Central
  • Panel discussion based on questions received

Wrap-up and Closing Remarks

  • Recap of the key points discussed
  • Farewell note and information about upcoming webinars

Please note, it’s important to adapt this agenda according to the specific needs of your audience and the expertise of your panelists.

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