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What happens when you take your favorite business productivity tool (Microsoft® Office Excel) and connect it live to a dataset that merges information into logical words and meaning? Then, with the click of one button, deploy it to your phone so you can ask Cortana any question about your business anywhere in the world.



‘Everyone gets it’

1.Everyone understands how to use it
2.Everyone is familiar with it
3.Everyone can use the information, not just licensed ERP users

Excel is more than just a spreadsheet for many business owner, typically it’s used to display financial information, but more powerfully it’s capable of display trends, providing insight into problems that might not have been noticed and performing what-if modeling.

In this webinar will we show you how to use Excel to increase profit, identify business process problems, create interactive dashboards for your phone and query Cortana on the fly to get an immediate answer to any question?

  • Power BI
  • Excel Power viewer
  • Excel Analysis
  • Jet Reports
  • Flash Reports
  • Audit/Control Reports
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Statistical Analysis
  • And more…

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