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  1. Introduction
    • Welcome and Introduction by the Host
    • Brief Overview of Microsoft Business Central
    • Objectives of the Webinar
  2. Understanding Microsoft Business Central
    • Key Features and Capabilities
    • How Business Central Integrates with Other Microsoft Tools
    • Case Studies: Success Stories of Business Central Implementation
  3. Deep Dive into Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Tools for Data Analysis in Business Central
    • Customizing Reports for Strategic Insights
    • Interactive Demo: Creating Reports and Dashboards
  4. Strategic Decision Making with Business Central
    • Leveraging Data for Strategic Planning
    • Scenario Analysis and Forecasting
    • Best Practices for Data-Driven Decision Making
  5. Integrating Business Central with Your Business Processes
    • Integration with Sales, Marketing, and Operations
    • Automating Workflows for Efficiency
    • Tips for Smooth Implementation

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