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Going paperless in your accounting department with Dynamics 365 - February 18 - Webinar

With business and virtually all other economic sectors now mainly operating with the digital age technological tools, companies everywhere have gone or are currently going paperless. The operational detriments of continuing to collect space-consuming crates of archived paper accounting records and to transmit paper documentation as a way of doing business are now too cumbersome to be economically practical for a modern business looking to work lean and increase efficiencies.

Join us on this fun and educational webinar in which we demonstrate how to take your accounting department paperless using Microsoft’s next-generation ERP Business Central.


  1. Introduction to modern accounting software
  2. SharePoint and attachments
  3. Approvals and Workflow
  4. OCR
  5. Reviewing documents digitally
  6. Report subscriptions
  7. Send to Excel
  8. Tips and Tricks

If you can’t make it, register now, and we’ll send you a link to the webinar recording once it’s ready.


February 18, 2021
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm - ET EST
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This webinar will take place on the Cisco Webex platform. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.
Hope to see you at the webinar. For questions, reach out to linda@voxism.com, or call 705-466-7477.

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