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In this webinar, we will explain “What is a sales pipeline and how do you use it?

When people think of sales, they often think of the close of the sale, but to truly understand the closing process you must look at the entire process from beginning to end. If you understand and are able to identify when the prospect engages initially with your organization and how they move through the different stages, then you can build a sales pipeline and manage small problems before you lose the opportunity. This is the true value of using a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Agenda ·

What is a sales pipeline?

What are the stages of a sales pipeline?

How do you build a healthy sales pipeline?

How do you evaluate a sales pipeline?

How do you work with reps to improve the sales pipeline?

Sales Pipeline Steps

1. Prospecting

2. Lead Qualification

3. Sales call, Demo or Meeting

4. Proposal

5. Negotiation and commitment

6. Contract signing

7. Post Purchase


April 12, 2022
11:00 am - 11:45 am - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on Microsoft Teams. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.

Hope to see you at the webinar. For questions, reach out to linda@voxism.com, or call +1-705-466-7477.

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