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Using AI in Sales and Marketing with Microsoft CRM

The Current Landscape of Sales and Marketing

  • Traditional methods vs. AI-driven approaches
  • Why adopting AI tools is essential for competitive advantage

Introduction to Microsoft CRM for Sales and Marketing

  • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM features relevant to Sales and Marketing
  • Importance of CRM in implementing AI strategies

AI in Lead Generation and Customer Segmentation

  • How AI can help in identifying and segmenting potential leads
  • Demo: Using Microsoft CRM for automated lead scoring and segmentation

AI in Customer Journey Mapping

  • Discussion on how AI can track and analyze customer touchpoints
  • How Microsoft CRM integrates AI in mapping customer journeys

AI in Content Personalization and Marketing Campaigns

  • Importance of personalized content for increased engagement
  • Demo: Using Microsoft CRM’s AI capabilities to tailor marketing campaigns

Sales Forecasting with AI

  • Utilizing AI algorithms for predicting sales trends and customer behaviors
  • How Microsoft CRM aids in accurate sales forecasting through AI

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