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Automating Repetitive Tasks

· How to use Copilot to perform common tasks, such as creating invoices, updating records, and generating reports automatically

· How to customize copilot commands and train it to understand your business terminology

· How to use voice input and output with copilot (optional)

AI-Generated Product Descriptions

· How to use AI to create engaging and unique product descriptions that match your brand’s tone and style

· How to edit and refine AI-generated text and add keywords for SEO

· How to publish product descriptions directly to e-commerce platforms like Shopify

Sales and Inventory Forecasting

· How to use AI to predict future sales trends and inventory needs based on historical data and market conditions

· How to adjust forecasting parameters and scenarios to suit your business goals and strategies

· How to use forecasting insights to optimize inventory management and customer service

Analysis Assist (Preview)

· How to use AI to analyze business data and generate insights on key performance indicators, such as revenue, profit, and cash flow

· How to use natural language queries to ask questions and get answers from your data

· How to use AI-generated charts and graphs to visualize and communicate your data insights

Bank Reconciliation Assist (Preview)

· How to use AI to reconcile bank accounts and transactions automatically and accurately

· How to review and approve AI-suggested matches and corrections

· How to use AI to detect and prevent fraud and errors

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