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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Capital Management (Talent) makes it easier to hire the right people, engage employees, and optimize your HR programs.

Talent integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn so you can build more qualified candidate pipelines. The hiring experience is streamlined with automatic interview scheduling and simplified feedback. It’s designed to keep hiring managers in the loop at every stage and helps them make smarter hiring decisions. Drive engagement form the start with personalized on-boarding plans. These plans outline important tasks and provide employee training. The on-boarding plans also contain helpful resources and help new hires make the right connections. Talent delivers a complete view of employees and their experience by centralizing your HR programs, from benefits and compensation to absence reporting and compliance. To find the right people and keep them engaged, productive, and working for you, all you need is Talent, Microsoft’s Human Capital Management solution.


  • Prospecting and hiring new employees
  • Employees
  • Payroll
  • integration with LinkedIn

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