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Jobs & Production Orders in Business Central

Join our exclusive webinar to learn about jobs and production orders in Business Central from our Financial Consultant, Andre Ouellette.

Production Orders are used for repetitive manufacturing where you know the expected inputs. Production is generally planned and costed around the work centers / machines used in the production.  The product could be manufactured based on Make To Order or Make to Stock rules.  Generally, the Revenue and Costs are recognized to the Income Statement as the product is shipped and is used in conjunction with the Sales Order module.

Jobs are used for non-repetitive work or very small of manufacturing work is repeatable. The estimates can often be different for every Job.  Production can often be planned and costed around the worker.  Almost always the production is Make to Order.

Jobs can utilize one of 5 out of the box Revenue Recognition methods including completed Contract or Percentage of Completion.  As well, Time and Material Billing based on the costs plus Markups is available.  Jobs can encapsulate the revenue and all costs into the user definable Task structure and capture various types of costs (Labour, Overheads, Materials, Expenses, Subcontract and reworks).

If you can’t make it, register now, and we’ll send you a link to the webinar recording once it’s ready.


March 12, 2020
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm - ET EDT
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This webinar will take place on the Cisco Webex platform. Once registered, we will send you the links required to join the Live Webinar.

Hope to see you on the webinar. For questions, reach out to linda@voxism.com, or call 905-840-7477

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