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Strengthen your manufacturing business by connecting systems and data, allowing you to anticipate change, minimize disruptions, and reduce time to market—all while building better customer relationships using real-time insights.


1. Product Design and Control

a. Introduce new products and services quickly.

b. Centrally manage product information.

c. Streamline engineering change management processes.

d. Improve safety, quality, and productivity with hands-free work instructions.

2. Supply Chain

a. Six trends shaping supply chain transformation

b. Stay ahead of supply chain disruptions and keep up with customer demand by transforming from a legacy approach to a resilient manufacturing supply chain model.

3. Production and distribution

a. Get support for discrete, process, lean, and mixed-mode manufacturing.

b. Drive sustainable manufacturing with connected factories using IoT and AI.

c. Fulfill orders effectively with Intelligent order and warehouse management.

d. Manage inventory with real-time data.

4. Sales

a. Build trust and strengthen relationships with customers.

b. Streamline and automate sales processes to sell new leads and identify opportunities with existing customers.

c. Track relationship needs and relationship health with real-time insights.

d. Personalize customer engagements across multiple channels to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships.

5. Service

a. Increase customer loyalty by providing exceptional service.

b. Proactive field service including AI-optimized scheduling

c. Omnichannel and self-service customer service

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