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Unify your Sales and Marketing teams with Dynamics 365 to create a seamless, efficient, and collaborative environment. Experience enhanced communication and data sharing, ensuring both teams have access to real-time insights and customer information. This integration enables more effective targeting, personalized marketing strategies, and a streamlined sales process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and boosted revenue. With Dynamics 365, break down the silos, align your teams’ goals, and watch your business flourish as your teams work together more efficiently and productively than ever before.

There are 6 steps to getting Dynamics 365 for the Sales CRM system to really help your sales reps. to sell more. In this webinar, we’ll cover them:

1. The foundation – the 5 screens that every sales rep uses (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activity, and a dashboard)

2. Making it easy for the rep, including working on your phone, from home, and directly in Outlook with all your information available

3. Tools for the sales manager

4. Boost productivity with built in integration to Office, LinkedIn & Accounting info

5. Generate hundreds of leads to call through marketing campaigns.

6. Collaborating & Communicating with co-workers and generating proposals and paperwork with Teams

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