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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a perfectly customizable customer relationship management system. The Dynamics 365 for Sales module has been one of the leading components of Dynamics CRM. This new Microsoft Dynamics solution helps salespeople be more productive which consequently helps them to build better relationships with their customers so and drive revenue. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales in our exclusive webinar on June 6th.


  • Sales Rep – get up and running using just 5 screens to start
    1. Accounts
    2. Contacts
    3. Opportunities
    4. Activities (calls, meetings, tasks)
    5. Dashboard to give you the numbers and keep you organised
  • The software can be used anywhere, anytime (Office, home, mobile, phone)
  • The software runs out of Outlook and uses Excel
  • Fully integrated to NAV, Office, Power BI, SharePoint, LinkedIn, Skype
  • 65% of the sale is done before the customer talks to the sales rep”, thus how about marketing and social media
  • Many of you use projects, some of you do field service, even more, if you value customer service. Let’s show you more CRM  (Projects, Field Service, and Service)
  • There is also more, how about HR and AR collections
  • Management reporting, Power BI, and Artificial intelligence – what is cool in 2018

Meet the Presenters:

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Connect with Ksenia and Olga on LinkedIn.

Hope to see you in the webinar conference room!

If you can’t make it, register now, and we’ll send you a link to the webinar recordings once they’re ready.

For questions, reach out to linda@voxism.com, or call 905-840-7477

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