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Microsoft Cloud for Equipment Manufacturing is a set of cloud-based solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the equipment manufacturing industry. These solutions include a range of capabilities that support core processes and requirements of the industry such as:

· Securely connecting people, assets, workflows and business processes

· Enabling organizations to be more resilient and adaptable

· Improving efficiency and collaboration across the entire manufacturing process

· Enhancing data security, compliance and governance

· Helping to optimize production and supply chain management

· Allowing for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of equipment

· Providing insights and analytics to drive better decision making.

It is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, which provides the scalability, reliability, and security that organizations need to support their manufacturing operations. The solution can be integrated with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Office 365, to enable a more comprehensive and seamless digital transformation.



1. Introduction to the Technology

2. Engineer to order vs Configured to Order

3. Cad Integrations

4. CPQ

5. Costing

6. Time Sheets

7. Purchasing

8. Project Accounting

9. Project Management

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