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ERP always seems to clash with lean manufacturing, but the reality is that lean manufacturing works because it is a system, and systems whether is it a physical ‘lean’ system or electronic ERP are reliable and scalable.  In 2016 the lines are starting to blur and the software and lean concepts are converging.

We have touch screens for information, guidance, work instructions, electronic queues, key performance indicators, Kanban and more built directly into the software system.

In this webinar we want to illustrate how the concepts of lean (pull) can be integrated into ERP (push).

The topics include

  • Stage Gate Manufacturing
  • Cell Manufacturing
  • Kanban pull systems
  • Quality and Safety Systems
  • Work Instructions
  • And more…

One of our favorite authors on the subject of lean and ERP is Steve Bell.  Check out his books.  They are worth their weight in gold in terms of depth and content.




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