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The future of calling is where calling meets collaboration—bringing together different
communication modalities to support the way you work.
Incorporate calling into the flow of work
• Seamlessly transfer calls between devices: Teams Phone now offers the ability for
you to transfer a call from your computer to a mobile device or vice versa, without
interrupting the call.
• Spam call identification: Teams Phone uses advanced industry techniques to identify
likely spam calls, allowing users to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your day by spam
• Apple CarPlay support: Apple CarPlay support for Teams enables users to join calls
and meetings using your vehicle’s built-in controls or hands-free using Siri.
• “Better together” device experience: The new “better together” experience means
that Teams devices now complement each other, allowing users to answer a call, mute
or unmute, and end the call on either the device or the Teams client.
• Walkie-talkie for desk phones: Connect quickly with colleagues with a push-to-talk
function available on desk phones.
Connect existing telephony with Microsoft Teams
• Operator Connect: Operator Connect, enables our customers to simply connect your
operator-based public switched telephone network (PSTN) service into Teams with a
managed experience, now extending the ability to enable PSTN calling in Teams to
three great options.
• Microsoft Teams Calling Plans expansion: Microsoft Teams Calling Plans offer a
simple way to deploy calling in Teams without on-premises equipment, available in 33
• Bring your own contact center (certification): Teams Phone integrates with your
existing contact center solution, and the connected contact center program provides a
new level of validation from rigorous third-party testing to ensure seamless and reliable
integration. There are now 8 certified contact center solutions, including NICE
InContact, Genesys, and Five9, with an additional 12 in the process of certifying.
These are just a few examples of the innovation from this past year. As your communications
needs continue to evolve, we’ll be investing and expanding our capabilities to help you
modernize your organization.
Join a Teams meeting
• Explore how teams can be used to prepare for a meeting, run a meeting, and follow-up
on meeting objectives
• Join a meeting from a hyperlink, meeting chat, dial-in, calendar, or a channel
• Navigate the pre-meeting screen and selecting the right devices
• Explore main actions in a Teams meeting
• Share video, audio, and content
• Show and chat with participants and raise hand
• Explore meeting views
• Mobile capabilities
Calendar and meetings
• Overview of the relationship between Outlook and Teams calendar
• Book an online meeting
• Create in Teams or Outlook
• Difference between meeting and channel meeting
• Scheduling assistant
• Invite people outside the organization, including those who don’t have a Teams
• Change calendar view
• RSVP, chat with participants and join
• Meeting details
Remote meetings that are as effective as being in-person

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