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This session will cover:

– Visualizations, Linking Tables and Dashboards – an Overview

– Drill through functionality aka ‘taking your users through a data journey across many tabs’

– Using images as slicers

– MTD, YTD vs previous year

– Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period

– AI Decomposition Tree

– Scatter Charts/Correlation

– Modelling or ‘What-If’ inputs/variables

Why this training?

You can learn at your desk with our sample datasets, with an easy to follow instructions using the free version of Power BI desktop.

Participants will receive the recorded version of the webinar in addition to the training PowerPoint.  

How will it benefit me?

  • Understanding the trends and outliers in your business can aid in making informed decisions that can result in success. 
  • Turning data into knowledge that can help drive your business, providing insights for better business decisions.
  • Time Analysis is significantly easier when using a tool like Power BI.

What are the objectives of the training series?

Upon completion, learners will be ready to model data and build amazing analytics in real-world scenarios, such as analytics on sales data, financial data, or manufacturing or distribution data.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who has attended one of our previous training session on Power BI 101 and wants to step up their skills. 

This course is not for beginners.

Users will be expected to know the fundamentals of getting data, creating visuals and working with basic Dax formulas.


  1. You should have a laptop.
  2. Download Power BI to your desktop/laptop
  3. Download sales data into Excel from your ERP system (we will provide if you forget)
  • Invoice #, Amount, Customer, Date are the minimum fields
  • Country, City, Sales Rep, Part, Product Types are recommended if available

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