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Objective of Efficient Shop Floor Scheduling

Session 1: Overview of Business Central’s Graphical Scheduler

o Introduction to Graphical Scheduler in Business Central

o Key Features and Benefits

Session 2: Setting Up the Graphical Scheduler

o Configuration and Customization

o Defining Work Centers and Machine Centers

o Setting Up Routings and Production Orders

o Demo: Initial Setup of Graphical Scheduler

Session 3: Effective Shop Floor Scheduling

o Understanding Scheduling Parameters

o Prioritizing and Sequencing Jobs

o Resolving Scheduling Conflicts

o Demo: Creating and Modifying a Schedule

Session 4: Managing Production Orders

o Synchronizing Production Orders with Schedule

o Handling Changes and Unexpected Events

o Utilizing the ‘Job Queue’ and ‘Load Distribution’ Features

o Demo: Managing Production Orders in Real-Time

Session 5: Monitoring and Analysis with Graphical Scheduler

o Tracking Progress and Performance

o Analyzing Scheduling Efficiency

o Customizing the Scheduler View for Enhanced Analysis

o Demo: Monitoring and Analysis Tools

Session 6: Tips and Best Practices

o Ensuring Optimal Resource Allocation

o Managing Unplanned Interruptions

o Improving Scheduling Accuracy and Efficiency

Q&A and Troubleshooting

Leveraging Business Central’s Graphical Scheduler for shop floor scheduling optimizes the allocation of resources, ensures timely order fulfillment, and enhances production efficiency. It provides a visual and intuitive platform to plan, monitor, and manage production schedules seamlessly, allowing for quick adjustments and real-time insights, ultimately leading to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved customer satisfaction.

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