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We are entering into a new era of smart manufacturing that will interconnect and better harmonize the stages of manufacturing production to an advanced plant-wide efficiency.

Today a typical manufacturing plant uses information technology, sensors, intelligent motors, computerized controls, production management software and the like to manage each operation of a manufacturing process.  However, these systems do not ‘talk’ to one another. Data is required from both the operator and machine to provide and create “manufacturing intelligence”.

The ability to model, forecast, predict and correct will allow and generate flexible manufacturing, optimal production rates and faster product customization.  Nevertheless, to do this you need a modern business system that provides integration services, analytical tools and the backbone to manage millions of transactions.

The objective of this webinar is to demonstrate how your company can leverage the Microsoft platform and technologies to increase production, productivity and profit.

Vox ISM’s Smart Manufacturing Agenda

  • An Introduction to 2017 Technology
    • Office Integration
    • Configure Screens
    • Mobility
    • Integration/Web Services
  • Top 3 App’s for Manufacturing
    • Paperless Shop Floor Collection
    • Direct PLC Integration
    • Scheduling
    • Configurator
  • Management Reporting with Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Services and Power Apps
  • Making Implementations Easy
    • Getting Started Wizards
    • SOPS, Videos, Forums
    • Portals
    • Funding

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